CareerHMO is a career development firm. It offers a number of free resources, as well as paid career coaching. It not only offers advice for  those just embarking on a career after college, it also serves those with a lot of job experience.

For example, it provides a FREE nine-video series called “ 9 Ways Seasoned Workers Can Improve Their Job Search”:

#1 – Change The Way You Look At Yourself

#2 – Ditch Outdated Job Search Tactics

#3 – What “Overqualified” Really Means

#4 – Sharpen Your Brand

#5 – Promote Your Brand Online

#6 -Tell Great Stories

#7 – Working with the Younger Generation

#8 – Consider Self Employment

#9 – Managing Salary Expectations

Click the image below to access these videos.


3 Replies to “A CareerHMO Video Series for Seasoned Workers’ Job Search”

  1. These sources are so important and precious for graduate student just like me, because some times i even don’t know to do what to improve my resume and how to search some jobs which are really fit for me. And also i found a interesting thing, some videos say that ourselves are brands. We know that one company can have several brands, so maybe as a person, i also can have several brands images to appeal to different companies.

  2. The videos given from CareerHMO are a tool that anyone could agree that it is an exceptionally great resource. It does not only help students but other people who are looking to move their career along. Just like the resume templates it helps you have that extra little edge that other people might not have when trying to get a job. These resources help a person be realistic and tactical about trying to get a job and how they should go about it.

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