Although the purchase volume of in-store transactions remains dominant (well over 90 percent of consumer purchases are concluded in a physical store), digital pre-store shopping tools are becoming more and more popular.

Nielsen reports the following based on its research:

“Before they hit the stores, shoppers leverage an array of online resources to give themselves a leg up when they get to the shelves. The most common resources are coupon sites and retailer Web sites. What are they looking for? Deals and trip planning tools.”

“Not all categories are equal when it comes to digital influence. Brands in personal care, infant care, and nutritional categories have the highest pre-store digital engagement levels. Social media plays a big role among these digitally influenced brand purchases, but it’s not the only digital forum that matters.”


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Digital Shopping Stages

15 Replies to “The Impact of Digital on Shopping Behavior”

  1. I that the the impact of digital is a helpful tool for companies to increase their sales. Many times when I shop at a retailer, they ask for my email at the register. While a lot of the emails just fill my inbox with spam, some contain information regarding worthy sales and discounts that either get me to go to the company website or get me to physically go to the store. This is a smart tactic by consumer-oriented companies because once they get a customer into the store, the customer may buy beyond what the discount or coupon applies to. The digital aspect of shopping keeps the customer more informed on a brand, and I think that is a good way to keep the consumer coming back to buy more.

  2. I definitely do not find it surprising that people are doing more research online on a product before concluding a transaction in a store. I personally do this, as I prefer to find out as much information about a product online before I actually purchase the product in a store. Doing research online helps to save time and money since multiple store websites can be browsed through quickly and prices on practically any given product can be compared. When browsing online, it is also fairly easy to find coupons that can decrease the price of a product even further. Thus, I think it is important to do online research on a product before committing to purchasing that product.

  3. Personally, I think that the advances in technology that allow people to research an item before they purchase it is really beneficial to the consumer. As somone who shops online, and in the store, I prefer online shopping. Not because I’m secluding myself from society, I love being socila, but because the online purchase process is more genuine. Online you get real testemonials/ratings from people who own the product you want and let you know if it is worth your money. Online you get accurate descriptions and a larger variety than most store’s. Additionally, at times a store is out of stock of what you need, but it is available online. In our society where most people are looking for the best product at an affordable price, online shopping is a necessary tool.

  4. I definitely agree with the fact that digital shopping prior to a shopper actually going to the store has a huge impact on company’s sales. Consumers are able to browse online and pick out products or services that they would like to buy or invest in without even leaving their own house. Social media also plays a large part in digital shopping. On almost all social media sites there are ads and promos to inform consumers about special prices and sales. This definitely helps companies market their goods and services.

  5. I find it very interesting that only 10 percent of purchases are bought online. In modern day and age, technology is playing such an important role on the way businesses are run, and I would have thought that more than 10 percent of purchases are bought online. With online shopping people can also view products and then go out and get them in person, which can be a huge asset for people who, in the past, would have to go around to different stores until they found the product. It has also changed the marketing game completely, and now the internet is one of the biggest ways to advertise and get products and ideas to people. I foresee the future of shopping online to grow immensely, and change the way people shop.

    1. I also found it interesting that only 10% of purchases are done online. I personally always go online to a website to read reviews of a product before buying it in store, whether it’s clothes or a new piece of technology. Doing this allows consumers to learn the truth about the fitting of a specific store’s clothing or the thoughts on a newly released car model. Having an online website allows businesses to provide different opportunities to consumers to both view or buy their products. My parents, especially, check their emails continously for coupons/sales before going out to buy the product.

  6. without a doubt, i spent more time and money purchasing products even service through the internet. you must know a very famous Chinese firm–Alibaba, which involves a magic online shopping website named “Tao Bao” , yeah, maybe just like its name meaning, then you can buy anything and always at a lower price through this website.

  7. I found this post to be very relevant in this current day. Referencing to a previous post on this blog, consumers are constantly looking at reviews of products and services before purchasing them. I think we as consumers do this because we sense listening to fellow consumers who are in our shoes, feels more authentic and honest. We all can assume that a business is going to try to sell itself on a silver platter, so customers’ reviews feel more natural and believable. Thus, companies are catching on to this new style. As a result, the statistics are proving to be true since we are researching products prior to buying them. Therefore, businesses are highly advancing their success by adapting to online marketing!

  8. A digital aspect to shopping has definitely become more and more prominent. From looking for emailed coupons and offers to searching online for product reviews and comparing different products, shopping has become a more digitalized process in the minds of consumers. I think that it’s made shopping a more streamlined and effective process, saving time and money.

  9. I should say I’m very surprised that only 10% transactions are done online. However, I do not like to shopping online because I cannot make decisions unless I can actually feel the product especially for those expensive things. The feel of uncertainty is the main reason people do not prefer shopping online. And this is the reason why consumers are searching for coupons and reviews before making their purchase decisions. It is important for marketers to give more information online, so that people will feel less risky to buy the product, thus boost sales.

  10. I think that digital pre-store shopping tools are commonly used and very helpful when making a purchase. I like to see what is available online and then going to the store to see it in person to decide whether I really want it or not. Its even more helpful when these shopping websites tell you what’s in stock at the location your looking to go to to purchase the item. That way you don’t waste the trip if the item isn’t there.

  11. When it comes to buying products online, i use a few guidelines before making my decision to purchase that product. I like to see reviews, prices, product details and competitors. By taking those factors into consideration i believe i can make the best choice possible. If the product is only available online, i have no problem purchasing the product digitally. If i can pick the item up in store, then i will 9 times out of 10 purchase the item physically. Mostly because if i want a product, i want it the moment i conclude that i wish to purchase that product and don’t want to wait for the product to ship. Seeing a product in person compared to a picture/video on a website doesn’t compare.

  12. There is no doubt that online shopping has great impact to the retailers. In the past, it is hardly image that Best Buy, Target or Walmart will have online service. When Alibaba started to IPO in 2014, everyone was shocked by the great success of this company. It is a Chinese company maybe some Americans never heard of them. it is a great example that great success of digital pre-store shopping tools. Nowadays, most of young people will go online to compare the price and comments to find the produce before they make purchase. It really changes consumers’ behavior.

  13. I like being able to find reviews and/or look for coupons online before I go shopping whether its online or in the store. I think its helpful to look at reviews and what others liked and didn’t like about a product because it gives you a better feel of that product rather than just walking and shopping blindly.

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