The Asia Pacific regions of the world account for about 60 percent of the global population (compared to less than 5 percent for the United States). However, Asia Pacific countries differ greatly in their population size, demographics, economic emphasis, and more.

First, click the image to see a larger, interactive map of the world from Population Reference Bureau. Then, take a look at the recent video about Asia Pacific consumers from Nielsen.


PRB World Population



3 Replies to “Who Is Today’s Asia Pacific Consumer?”

  1. Marketers can find more opportunity in Asia. Not only because Asia have the highest population in the world, but also because Asia have a lot of developing countries. The people in Asia, unlike the people in other western countries who already enjoy technology and every advanced things, they just aware their needs. Asia Paciffic Consumers have strong purchasing power for technical things and different kind of services. Chinese consumer is a good example. More and more chinese consumer purchase new technical products and spent money for traveling abroad or buy luxuery . I believe that Asia Paciffic Consumer will become the backbone force of global market.

  2. without a doubt, not only more people are, but also more purchase power is in Asia Pacific area. Beside China, India, the other Asia countries are all developing well, now. Apparently, people of these areas have a trend to purchase more things even some luxuries. at the some time, the internet has been universalized in past 30 years. people of Asia pacific learn to use the easy way – through Internet to buy products of the whole world just online. you must be familiar with Alibaba -the most famous Chinese internet company

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