As we’ve reported before, online video marketing has become BIG! (for example, see 1, 2).

How big? take a look at this 2015 statistical infographic on the popularity of online videos by HighQ, a producer of software for the world’s largest law firms, investment, banks and corporations.

Click the image for a larger version.


6 Replies to “In 2015, Online Video Is Booming”

  1. Visual impact is powerful to me personally. Not like reading, video calls for my visual, hearing, thinking sensation at the same time. Watching the video I could better understand and the maker’s culture, and initial, and I intend to believe videos are more original resources. It also reminds me long time ago, we compared books and Television’s impact in education.

  2. I’m not surprised that in recent years, online video has been a great tool for marketing. Pretty much everyone with Internet access has watched videos online, whether they’re advertisements or videos on popular sites like YouTube. I think that using online videos is so popular for marketing because typically, it’s “easier” on the brain to watch a video than to read an advertisement.

  3. I find online video marketing to be a very successful way to attract new consumers, so long as your video is interesting enough to stick in the minds of those consumers. The use of video appeals to a variety of senses, rather than just posting a billboard or flyer that just gives a still life visual of your company. I religiously watch sponsored videos that pop up on my Twitter and Instagram feed, and I know many people that take to YouTube to watch videos. I also think that it is important to point out that you must make your marketing video easily accessible for consumers to see. Posting it on a social media site is the easiest way to do so in this generation.

  4. It is understandable that videos are becoming one of the top ways to market something. People like watching videos, they usually convey the meaning of the clip with sounds, graphs, words, pictures, and maybe even demonstrations. Sometimes it is hard for people to actually grasp a concept whilst just reading it. If you are distracted at all the thoughts and contents of the sentence are lost, forcing someone to read the sentence all over again. It is an easy and quick way to share ideas, products, and opinions. And from the data provided, it is clear that it will reach customers more than any other advertising tactic.

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