Are you uncertain about the best career path for you? Have you ever taken a career aptitude quiz?

Here’s an interesting, easy, and fun “Career Decoder” quiz from Careerealism to encourage you to think more about your career options:

“Using a series of ‘would you rather’ questions, we navigate you through a quiz that determines where your strengths in the workplace connect to your motivation. The result? A breakdown of your workplace ‘personas’ and how they contribute to the success of the organization.”

“Why should you take the test? The first step in being able to build a stronger personal brand and career development strategy is knowing what value you bring to an employer. This quiz will help you map out your strengths so you can start to market them more effectively!”

“How long will it take? There are 20 questions total and it will take you less than two minutes to complete. Yet, don’t be fooled by how quickly you can complete it. The results are accurate and compelling – you’ll see!”


Click the image to begin the quiz. [NOTE: Once you complete the quiz, you will have access to a variety of career-related videos!!!!!]

Here is the URL to the videos. NO PEEKING. Do the quiz first. 🙂 :

3 Replies to “For What Career Are You Best Suited?”

  1. According to the survey I took, my two leading personalities were “superconnector” and “mentor.” I definitely believe I’m a superconnector because I’m always striving to get things done way before the due date, while making sure it’s being done RIGHT. Mentoring is also something I definitely believe I am as well. I like getting people to realize their potential, and I like inspiring people. In fact, when I was in high school, I thought a potential career choice would be a guidance counselor, because I like helping/teaching people when they feel “lost” or need guidance.

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