3 Replies to “Celebrity Self-Branding: A Growing Phenomenon”

  1. The impact of player branding under major brands such as nike, rolex, mcdonalds, etc., is often overlooked. It is a brand strategy that respects and recognizes the sporting icons and really solidifies their uniqueness in sports. From a consumer’s point of view, there is this thought that if I buy Jordans, I would become as great as Michael Jordan on the basketball court.

  2. I love this article because I only knew about some of these logos, but I liked learning about new ones. Or some of them I had seen before but missed a key part to the importance of part of the logo. I respect athletes that do have brand logos because more often than not, they are the business savvy ones who make money on other things besides playing sports. It is respectable, as well as fascinating to see what they see as important enough to go on their logo and how they want to be perceived by people purchasing products with their logo on it.

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