As we know, public relations activities and media have changed over the decades.

Consider these observations from the Fusion 360 agency:

“Public relations firms and — in many instances, marketing agencies — have the task of maintaining a favorable public image for their respective clients. Currently, that’s primarily accomplished through digital means: social media, content marketing, top-tier digital publications, etc. With respect to public relations, seeing as how things are drastically different now than they’ve ever been before, it’s interesting to take a peek into the past to see what’s worked.”

Here’s an entertaining video on PR over the years.


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  1. Public relations is very important in marketing. The field is rapidly increasing. I found it cool that coca cola was able to persuade soldiers during WW2 that each soldier needed a bottle every day. Trivial pursuit is also notorious for giving out free games to consumers, the very next year the company became a monopoly and sold 20 million units. These examples prove how important public relations is. In a companies budget the sales forecast comes even before the sales budget. I believe this is why marketing professionals are very crucial point in every company and are very needed.

  2. Before I watched this video, I never even though about how the diamond ring grew to be the item of romance and engagement. After doing more research, the De Beers company bedazzled famous movie stars with diamonds three years prior to their “A Diamond is Forever” campaign, which sparked the incessant need for a diamond ring in marriage, which symbolizes value and purity. This marketing and PR idea influenced men to buy their fiancee-to-be a ring because if not, it could backfire and insult the fiancee.

  3. Public relations and consumer marketing crucially influence customers and sway them to desire certain products. The image that a company forms for itself and portrays is very important to the way that a customer will percieve the company. This helps them to determine if the product suits their needs or wants. This is especially apparent in today’s social media culture. Companies have to consider, what will the general public think of this product? Will they want others to see them with this product? Brands get lots of free advertising from social media networks such as Instagram. If people post pictures of their new Michael Kor’s purchases, others may be influenced to buy from this brand if they perceive a hip and popular image of this company. Image is very important in society today.

  4. I have always found PR campaigns to be interesting and many times successful methods of getting across a point. I have learned about the diamond ring campaign before and how the preciousness of the stone was crafted out of clever marketing, rather than actual rarity of the stone. As a former smoker, I have also found the new anti-smoking t.v. ads to be rather effective. I am referring to the ads that show a real person with an ailment caused by smoking. Personally, I find these ads to be very effective, especially when they play during a time I am craving a smoke.

    Matthew LoBiondo

  5. In the former time, companies published articles by well known people at famous newspapers and magazines to process their PR function, that is authorities or celebrities are just like a lobby saying good words for this brand. However, today as the development of social media, a bunch of common people who are loyal consumers of a brand could also do PR and even have more remarkable effect, because of the strength of word of month in those online channels. Therefore companies have another way of PR by building good relationship with their loyal customers and motivating them to make positive voices on the internet, in that this is a time of YOU.

  6. Public Relation plays an important role in the current business world. Social media makes public relation have a stronger power to persuade and attract customers to consumer the products or buy the services they want. The diamond ring campaign is interesting to learn for me and the stone was crafted out. I think that, in the later time, public relation and social media still shake the world and affect business companies for a long time!

  7. I could not agree more this this blog’s viewpoint. Public Relations is a vital factor to consider when we did some marketing campaign.Once upon a time. Companies use a lot of traditional PR strategy such as post articles about their product in the local newspapers. Nowadays, many marketing campaign and PR strategy has transfer into online type. Therefore companies began to use some Digital PR strategy. We could see that many company will have their blog section in their websites. They could also take the advantage of Internet to set up many social media page use as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to let people buzz. But once thing we should be careful everything has two side. People could buzz about your product’s advantages online, they could also talk about some bad things about the products. Smart companies must have some contingency crisis PR plan. We should always remember to keep an eye on bad reviews about your products or service online.

  8. Another example in my mind is Pepsi. It is hard for Pepsi to compete with Coke-Cola at the beginning stage. Not only because people were not familiar with Pepsi, but also because people can hardly tell the difference between these two brand. After Pepsi did the bland test campaign in the U.S., customers were amazed by the result which they actually preferred the taste of Pepsi. Consequently, Pepsi has been known by the U.S. overnight.

  9. This reminds me the very famous and successful PR campaign last year on the social media, the ice bucket challenge. I don’t think I need to explain it here again, almost everybody knows that. It is extremely popular last year, no matter it’s ordinary people or huge celebrities ,the mimic shorts videos went viral on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. I think it’s going to be one of the epic one in the history.

  10. Public relations is very important in marketing, this video reminds me another very popular public relations campaigns-Coca-cola: share a coke. Coca cola lunched a campaigns that you can buy a bottle of Coca-cola with your own name on it, and can find your friends name and buy these for them. There was a real feeling of excitement about getting a bottle with their own names on it. “This summer, Coke is swapping out three of its iconic logos on 20-oz. bottles for the 250 most popular first names among American teens and Millennials” This campaign was played worldwide.

  11. Public relations and marketing are like two magnetic pieces. they go together. An example is Pepsi. It is a challenge for Pepsi to compete with Coke because some individuals, like myself cant tell the difference lol. let’s be honest cola is cola and caffeine is caffeine.

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