We hear a lot about self-branding these days. This interview will not only help you understand self-branding, it will help you use it as a tool for personal and professional success.

In this CoSozo “Psych Up” show, Dr. Joel Evans, author and Distinguished Professor in the Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University returns to Psych Up to draw upon his extensive experience teaching and blogging on self-branding. He invites listeners to think through steps of self-reflection to identify qualities that translate into brands.

In the discussion with Host Dr. Suzanne Phillips, he considers the three aspects of self-branding and the difference between a person’s inherent self-brand and a person’s perceived self-brand. He shares stories that capture the importance of self-branding and offers do’s and dont’s for formulating a personal self-brand.

When applying self-branding to the professional arena, Dr. Evans offers invaluable tips for tailoring your self-brand to the job being offered and as a platform for your resume and interview preparation. Whether you are looking for a date or a job, you will find this to be a very valuable show.

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7 Replies to “Self-Branding for Personal and Career Success”

  1. Self-Branding is an awareness of how you are perceived by other people, many times we are not even aware of our qualities and our authentic self.
    I agree with the article that we cannot please everybody as much as we try to be accepted.
    The discrepancy between how you want to be perceived and how people see you can be devastating.
    At work I like to think people see me as honest and responsible.

  2. Based on the nature of the topic, “self-branding” is purely an interpretation of one’s own strengths or strong points. I agree and understand that it is important to identify your own abilities or attributes. However, when considering someone’s self-brand, you must take what they say with a grain of salt. Someone may be over-confident or self-conscious, leading their self-evaluation to be skewed, exaggerated, or understated.

  3. Self branding is very important because it allows you to portray who you really are. I find that people that lie in their interviews do not reflect a correct portrait of themselves, they have a distorted view of what it means to brand yourself. I find that generating all the positives and avoiding the negatives about yourself is the best way to self brand yourself to employers and this tells management you are fit for their position. Another important point is how you believe you are perceived compared to what employers see in you, this is where having good posture and communication skills comes in handy as i feel as it is just as important as advertising your skills in self branding.

  4. I have learned from a young age the importance in this day and age of self branding. Be it a Lawyer, Singer, Doctor or especially any communications position, building awareness of your name and building a good reputation translates to higher paying jobs and better salaries.

  5. As a student major in Mkt, it’s more nature to think out the idea to build self-brand image. For students and workers who want to do self-branding, socila media is the best platfom. Linked In is the must-have of every people flighting for career. And some companies will even check stuufs’ Facebbok account. So early preparation is needed. Build a profesional personal social media account need time and knowledge.And Por. Evans give us many useful guidlines to follow.

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