Are you a smart marketer? How smart? 🙂

Here’s a fun quiz from Chief Marketer. Click the icon to access: “ARE YOU A PROMOTION MARKETING PRO OR SCHMO? Take this quiz to find out if you are the ultimate Chief PROMO Marketer. Get 5 out of 5 correct and be entered to win either a $25 or $50 Starbucks gift card!”


5 Replies to “See How Well You Can Do on This Entertaining Marketing Quiz”

  1. I took the quiz and the newsroom seems pretty straight forward! I think quizzing yourself for things like this are really fun. I always loved the fun “will you meet your soul mate” things, regardless of how accurate they are, but this is a great way to test your actual knowledge, minus the silly answers!

  2. Doing this quiz was entertaining because most of the answers were pretty funny and straight forward. Doing fun quizzes gives you a way to enjoy finding out about yourself and what you actually know. Having funny answers that make you think about the question makes you learn more since you actually have to think about the correct answer.

  3. This quiz was so much fun to take because the answers were ludicrous and entertaining. I personally love taking online quizzes; I could spend the whole day on buzzfeed doing quiz after quiz and not get bored. Quizzes help you learn by taking them you not only learn about that topic more, you also learn a lot about yourself. This quiz was great, but I would not enter my information in it to win a gift card in case it was spam.

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