The answer to this question has certainly changed over the last couple of years. Here’s how it has changed. Sorry, Apple fans. :-).

As reported by eMarketer:

“According to data released in February 2015 by Opera Mediaworks, Google’s operating system (OS) grew its share of mobile ad impressions worldwide by more than 66% between Q4 2013 and Q4 2014, from 37.7% to 62.7%, leapfrogging iOS to claim first place.”

Click the image to read a lot more about what is happening.


6 Replies to “Who’s Winning the Mobile OS Challenge?”

      1. Yep, 15% + 79% = 94%, with the balance belonging to the others. The second tier owns the remaining 6%. (1) The high growth rate is pretty easy when you start with a small base and doesn’t support the idea that Google is taking over the market. (2) For the Opera figures to be correct, users of iOS devices have to be making twice as many purchases online as users of Android devices. Is there anything that supports that? Personally, I’m thinking sample bias.

  1. I’m glad to see someone is better than Apple when it comes to phones even if it is just for mobile ad impressions. However, I am curious to see how this year plays out in the Mobile OS world now that there is a new contender in the ring with a possibility of a Windows Phone powered with a Snapdragon 810.

  2. Obviously everyone is trying to be better than apple. Mobile Os is supposed to be better and have advanced features. But, that being said customers who are loyal to apple most likely will not change. Loyal customers usually stay and from what I know apple has many, including I. Mobile Os might be the new biggest thing and I am glad that there is a possibility for a huge company other than apple because who knows maybe it will dominate in this world. Maybe the the market will change, who knows.

  3. In the end everybody is trying to compete with apple or iOS. After having an android phone, an iphone, and a blackberry I believe that iOS is the best and it is far ahead of it’s competitors even though it is only on one type of phone which gives it almost no variety of delivery.

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