What factors are important to digital advertising buyers?

According to eMarketer:

“From the looks of it, ad fraud, viewability, and brand safety may turn out to be big digital ad buzz phrases this year. In a November 2014 study by Integral Ad Science, these emerged as the three most important aspects of media quality among US digital media buyers. One-third of respondents in this group ranked ad fraud as No. 1, while brand safety accounted for 26% of responses and viewability over one-fifth.”

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4 Replies to “Fraud and Brand Safety Are Key to Ad Buyers”

  1. Fraud and identity theft are two problems that many companies face. Think about it about a few years ago Targets data base got hacked and since customers information got stolen they had to go through a process to get a new card and etc. Target then gave out an incentive to 10 percent off your next purchase. I think that companies have to be scared about theft and fraud but loyal customers will always stay. But, fraud, view ability and brand safety are the most important aspects. But ad fraud online is something that the company will have to keep working on. They do not want customers to loose trust in the company because of those aspects. Customers look into the company to make sure it is safe along with the product before buying.

  2. An ad buyer is a consumer as well which means a company must abide by the consumer bill of rights being the customer must be informed, the consumer must be safe, must be heard, and must have the right to choose. If the ad buyers brand is not safe and subject to fraud all of these key parts of the consumer contract are violated. An ad buyer is subject to the same rights as any other consumer so they must be followed. when looking at generic competition every companies competition may differ but they are all after the same problem of generating sales, a company must also focus on the consumer rather than only generating sales to be successful in the long run so creating ads especially that demonstrate good ethics is key, so an ad buyer must be careful before any transactions take place.

  3. There is a lot more fraud in today’s world with all of the new technology and how people can think more creatively in how to pull a fast trick on a company. Consumers trust companies but they always must think and act smart, so they don’t end up being tricked or harmed by a company. People need to be more secure in today’s age then they did compared to the last 10 years.

  4. I think it’s interesting that suppliers are more concerned with Fraud, whereas the consumers are more focused on safety. I think this shows an over all difference in priorities between a supplier and consumer. While safety risks can cause lawsuits, certain things can be harder to prove with safety (like using lower quality materials) and would be less likely to hold up in a lawsuit, whereas fraud can easily cost a company millions. However, I think that with the internet, the safety risks of different chemicals and other products are becoming more accessible to consumers through the internet, which might lead companies to being more aware of the materials they’re using.

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