Each year, marketer spend millions of dollars on banner ads. With that in mind, a good question is: Do people actually look at these ads?

Recently, Canadian-based Prestige Marketing prepared a brief tongue-in-cheek infographic addressing the above question:

“Banner ads first appeared on the Web in 1994 and since then they have been used extensively over the Internet. They are made to be eye catching and impressive so that they create an urge in the visitors to click into their business. But, their mass production and misuse has caused viewers to be skeptical and unresponsive to them. Do people still fall for this attractive ad?”



18 Replies to “Do People Still Look at Banner Ads? A Humorous View”

  1. Those banner ads are annoying.
    The flashing ads are the worst.
    A company should use the first few seconds of an image for an ads and do not ask for another click.

    1. I personally do not like banner ads. They usually make you click on it and most of the time you just want to continue what you are doing and not get distracted by banner or flashing ads.I also think if there weren’t so many ads all over people would be more inclined to click one, but overdoing it is a killer.

      1. I agree, most banner ads are irrelevant and very annoying. I also agree that if there were less banner ads that people would be more inclined to click on one. On the other hand I am glad ads are more passive now and don’t come up as pop ups anymore and are more localized to the edges of the screen.

  2. It’s interesting that some companies haven’t realized yet that banner ads are pretty much just a waste of time. We are so used to seeing them everywhere now, that they just blend right in to the webpage and I don’t even give them a second glance. Because they have been used so commonly since 1994, most people don’t take time to bother with them. People today would be much more likely to click on something if it was tailored to them and found in between their updates on twitter.

  3. I don’t like the banner ads, because of distraction which is also the main reason why people don’t click them. For the trend of online marketing, advertisers or marketers should change their tactics a little bit to increase the brand’s images in the mind of target consumers. They can use the banner ads but apply it into the right places. For instance, the ads are better in the shopping websites and searching engines, and not popping up in the websites where your target customers are watching videos or reading articles. Non suitable placement of ads will increase the dislike of consumers to your brands and decrease the effect of your banner ads. Therefore, banner ads should be placed when your target customers need them.

  4. I agree, most banner ads are irrelevant and very annoying. I also agree that if there were less banner ads that people would be more inclined to click on one. On the other hand I am glad ads are more passive now and don’t come up as pop ups anymore and are more localized to the edges of the screen.

  5. I was surprised to find out how much money companies are making every time someone clicks a banner ad. $.25 to $.50 per click is pretty impressive. With people out there still clicking away, those companies are certainly making a pretty penny. Like many others, I personally dont click on those ads because i’m afraid of getting some kind of virus.

  6. I personally find banner ads to be a necessary evil. Many websites and free to use products rely on banner ads to deliver their services/products to the consumer. Without banner ads, a lot of the free apps in the mobile appstores would not exist. An example I would like to cite is the Reddit “redditsfun” app, which uses banner ads in place of a premium account. I was surprised to find that college level graduates (71%) actually had a higher occurrence of clicking on ads than highschool graduates and less (59%). I partly attribute this to age, where most college graduates are still overwhelmingly older. As time goes on, and the current 15-24 age demographic cited in the study takes over, I won’t be surprised to see this result swing in the opposite direction.

  7. Banner ads are nothing but a nuisance to users of the internet. Also, due to its age, they can be rendered as not longer effective and obsolete. Whenever there is a banner ad, there is a high probability of a scam. It is crazy how people can still fall for the “free ipad” scams that often appear as banner ads.

  8. Although banner ads are made to catch your eye, it’s bad reputation has made lots of internet users not even bother to look or click on them. I knew when I use Facebook I see ads all the time and even ads that relate and pertain to me. However, I rarely ever click on them or do further investigation of that product. I don’t know the answer to why I do this, but I believe it’s because when I’m on Facebook I’m not there to look at products to buy. Also when I see ads on the Internet I’m very hesitant to click on them due to the fact that it could be a hack or something in that regard.

  9. Banner ads are the most annoying thing. I never click on them because I feel that I will be tracked and get a virus. Only people (55+) who are gullible click on these ads and most of the time they get a virus from them and wonder why. It is hard to determine if internet ads are viruses or real ads. A company is better off if they do not have popup ads because people will go to the website on their own instead of putting themselves at the risk of getting a virus.

  10. I feel that banner ads at this point almost do the opposite of what they are intended. Solely because they are banner ads, this reminds me NOT to click on them unless I want to be redirected to an annoying site or help my computer contract a virus – or worse, pop ups. Companies who do not target users by utilizing banner ads, in my opinion, are viewed as curious to their customers for not being obnoxious and irritating.

  11. I totally agree. I feel as if these companies know there ads are failing. One reason is data mining. These pop up banner ads remind me of those mini games and surveys that offer you a free gift card or something like that.

  12. Banner ads have a horrible reputation, and at this point in the technological/marketing game, I think it would be smart business to not even waste time or money on advertising through banner ads. Not only do they annoy the user on the internet, but they have a negative correlation with attaining viruses and contributing to even more pop-ups; although this is not always the case, most internet-savvy people and smart consumers don’t even waste their time with this kind of advertising.

  13. I always try to avoid banner ads, because half of the time it’s flashing colors saying I won a million dollars. But lately, marketers are getting smarter in their advertising. Using cookies on your computer or device, when you visit websites, the banner ad will most likely be either something you viewed before, or if you were online shopping, it would show the object you looked at but never got. This is a smart way to catch people to go back on the site, by flashing the item they had viewed but never purchased. I think that the banner ads are becoming more generated to appear to correlate with similarities of the user, like if one likes sports, banner ads of baseball apparel could slowly creep on you.

  14. Actually, at the beginning when I started to see this kind ads, I really felt it’s kind of interesting and may click it to see what is happening there. But now, I really feel it annoying especially when you’re busy doing your own business. If a company must do the banner ads, I strongly suggest that it should post banner ads on pages with relevant web content, so these ads may get more chances to be seen by those people who go through the same type of website.

  15. I have only ever clicked on a banner ad by accident, and when I do, tons of pop-up windows appear on my screen, many of them telling me my credit score or that I have a virus on my computer. Banner ads are associated with viruses and false advertisements. A better investment is promoting Facebook/Twitter posts.

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