Over the last few years, the debate has been growing more fierce with regard to the way TV channel subscriptions are sold to consumers.

On one side of the debate are the service providers who aggressively bundle channels and charge a monthly fee for the bundle — whether the consumer wants all the channels in the bundle or not. On the side are consumer advocates and some government officials who say that people should only have to pay for the channels that they actually want to view.

Now, comes new research from Nielsen that seems to strongly indicate that unbundling channel fees would greatly benefit most viewers. According to Nielsen, the typical household now receives 189 TV channels through subscription bundles. Yet, the typical household regularly watches only 17-18 of those channels.

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6 Replies to “Are You Overpaying? How Many TV Channels Do YOU Actually Watch?”

  1. This article is interesting because I find that it is true that the amount of channels paid for are typically not watched by the viewer. In my household the same number of channels are watched. At college, I find myself watching even less television , however I can relate to this being true for the available channels that Hofstra cable provides , I find myself watching the same number of them.

  2. I believe many people do over pay for their subscriptions. In my house I have verizon FIOs with tons and tons of movie channels and movies on demand. If I even say the amount that we even watch any of those channels or use the on demand subscriptions, anyone would ask why are we even paying for it.

  3. I can definitely relate to this blog post because I am apart of the typical household that only views about 17-18 of the 189 channels that I receive. I have Verizon Fios and I have the package that includes the HBO channels but the HBO channels along with about 6 other channels are the only ones that I watch. I am always looking at verizon hoping to see new deals but its always the same thing – “sign up for a 24 month subscription and we will add HBO, Showtime, etc. for 3 free months.” I wish they would just come out with a package where you could create your own bundle and you could actually just pay for the channels that you actually watch. That would save people a lot of money each year.

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