4 Replies to “Tips for Better Using LinkedIn”

  1. I personally do not use linked in and had my views on it until really getting more information on it through this slideshow. I felt that I didn’t want any of my information out on the internet because of how little privacy you receive these days online, almost anyone can find out anything about you. But after reviewing this slideshow I see how beneficial it could be. The information you put out there is good information and could really help you go further in life which is what attracts me most. I wasn’t entirely knowledgable of how many recruits use this website and how much it could help you until now, so now my views are well changed about it.

  2. I am currently not on Linkedin but after watching this slideshow I see how beneficial this site can be. My brother is always talking about because he is on it and I always just tuned him out because I thought it was just another site like Facebook where you just log in to keep in touch with friends. But this site is actually so beneficial for your career. It is great that I can reach out to industries and they can reach out to me, and you can see who is viewing your profile. After watching this slideshow and learning more information about it I will be making a Linkedin since I am a junior and I need to start putting myself out into the “real” world so I that I can advance in my career and become noticed.

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