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  1. I’m amazed at how “word of mouth” and social media are intertwined. So many facebook friends post questions like “I’m looking for a nanny. Can anyone recommend someone?”. I’m curious if hashtagging businesses when one replies to these requests is measurable yet. I’m sure it will be, if it isn’t already.

  2. Social media can help create a large customer base. It is understandable that word-of-mouth marketing is most effective for gaining new customers, because before purchasing something people look for a variety of reviews. Even if people don’t buy a product, they may recommend it, or not, based on what they heard about it.

  3. Social media marketing is the most promising method for makers nowadays since people becomes more and more reliable on Internet. But the way to choose proper platform is a key factor in this case. Personally, I think the platform should be decided by the attributes of the product or services and its target market. For instance, women wants to brows some fashion websites, such as pin it, they also like to follow the fashionable users or bloggers to find out what products are fashionable. So if the marketers wants to promote the products of women, they’d better choose the platform like pin it.

  4. I think the key point nowadays is still the benefit the users can receive. If we develop a game that the early users can benefit a lot from later users, they will become the advertiser of the social media. It is the benefits make the transformations among strangers, friends and advertisers.

  5. Word of mouth is one of the most trusted marketing method. It is especially important for small business because it costs less than the other marketing methods. However, in the really world, it is really hard for companies to achieve word of mouth. If a company is able to “Turn strangers into friends, friends into customers, and customers into sales people”, it will gain this strong weapon of marketing.

  6. This post shows how important people value word-of-mouth in advertising for many businesses. 92% of consumers trust word of mouth above all other advertising. I can say that this applies to me, because what people have to say about different products is almost always more truthful than what the companies have to say about their products. In advertising, companies will just tell about the positive sides of their products, and leave out the negatives, so the products are more appealing and they can sell more to make more money. Consumers will state the truth, including both the positives and the negatives. 82% of small businesses say word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective way to find new customers. Again, consumers spreading the word about different products and businesses allows people to get more truthful statements about the businesses. I believe that businesses should try to keep these facts in mind when advertising. If they stay more truthful and include all the facts, advertisements will me more similar to word-of-mouth advertising.

  7. Word of mouth is definitely a form of social media. Things get broadcasted through word of mouth so easily. It is the simplest form of social media and it is such a great marketing method. Usually when you go on websites they will ask how you heard of their site/store and word of mouth is always an option because it is a great marketing tool. If you had a great experience with a company you are more than likely to advertise it and tell your friends about it

  8. I completely agree with the fact that word-of-mouth marketing works best. I definitely consider what my family and friends say about products when making purchases. Advertising doesn’t always seem real but how can you not believe someone’s personal experience? Companies are going to say positive things about their products no matter. People who have no personal connection with a company or benefit from its success are going to be honest because it doesn’t affect them. Social media certainly plays a role in word-of-mouth marketing because people will post their opinions about goods and service, and all their social media friends will see.

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  10. This tactic of using existing customers word of mouth experiences is a very affective for new potential customers. Social media platforms are a huge part of this from all ages in regards to customers and potential customers. Existing customers often tweet, post on Facebook, Instagram pictures and take online surveys based on their experiences with a company or product. This can be a great way to get positive feedback from customers and an even better way to work on concerns.

  11. It truly is amazing how effective word of mouth is as well as online reviews. I personally completely agree with the percentages on both of those. I am almost positive that every time I look into buying something I look at peoples reviews online beforehand. For some reason, even though I know everybody is different and everybody has their own opinions, I 100% trust these strangers opinions. As for word of mouth, the second my friends or family say a certain product is great, I will run out and buy it. I wasn’t sure if this was just me or everybody but now that I see these percentages, I see its majority

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