In this 24/7 era of instant “news” and global social media, the field of public relations has certainly changed.

Take a look at this interesting infographic from Tomorrow People, a public relations firm.

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  1. This makes logical sense. With the growth and expanse of technology there is and interconnection that could only be dreamed of years prior. Bad public relations can instantly be tweeted of blasted on social media with in seconds of the occurrence.

  2. The face of PR is of course changing because of recent technological advances. Social media networks, such as facebook, twitter, and instagram have made it easier for people and companies to get their names out there and give themselves some character.

  3. I assumed this post would talk more about how public relations worked before the internet than about how it has changed since the internet became a thing, but there is still some pretty cool stuff in here. Also, since I don’t usually follow many blogs (with the exception of Tumblr, which is mostly pictures/jokes), I didn’t realize how much of an influence bloggers could have on PR.

  4. PR has rapidly been changing with all the new social media out there. People don’t go anywhere anymore with out there smart phones or electronic devices. Everyone is constantly connected. I know blogging has become really big. I know companies hire and pay bloggers that get a lot of traffic on their site to promote their products. If someone buys something by connecting through the blog that blogger gets a percentage of the sale or whatever the terms of the deal was.

  5. Being a PR major these charts were extremely interesting to me. PR has changed drastically in the past 10 years due to social media, and technology. In order to keep up with the fast pace society PR people must learn all the ins and outs of the new media and technology.

  6. With the increase of social media, customer reviews both good and bad are being displayed online. Public Relations is changing due to social media and it is putting more pressure on firms to make sure their products are going to be successful.

  7. Technology changes the social structure. Specifically, it changes the way people connect and contact with each other. The key point in this blog is that never stop following the new fashion, because it is effective. Even if I am very old, I should keep up with main stream.

  8. PR definitely has been changed with social media. If you take a look around the room that you are sitting in right now, guarantee that more than 50% of the room is on their smart phone. People don’t go anywhere without them. I honestly find out everything through my phone – from twitter and instagram especially. Many big companies all have these forms of social media and this is how people find out what new products are coming out, sales, etc.

  9. PR has grown to become a part of every social media outlet used in many businesses and companies. Although companies have PR representatives used to communicate or particular clients they represent , technology has changed many of the roles in PR in businesses. Social media is now used to launch advertisements campaigns, news, information and more about a company , business or brand.

  10. PR has truly come a long way. From the evolving technology, we see how people are extremely attached to their phones and tablets. For many people, finding out information is mostly from their phones or online. As the previous blog mentioned, most information/ sales promotions are found through word of mouth and dependent on online reviews. These people hear from other people who mostly found this information on their phones and passed it along. People are constantly on their phones and sharing others which creates this constant trend.

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