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  1. It is very important to use different passwords even though it is so hard to remember them all! You need to use capital letters and special characters. That makes it much harder for hackers.

  2. There has definitely been an increase in websites that make you include at least one capital letter and one symbol in your passwords now since they are harder to hack. Most of my passwords when i was younger were just words so it is good to see that some websites are trying to improve their customers security.

  3. I don’t understand how people trust password managers. If the heartbleed virus could affect passwords on current websites, then why couldn’t they find a vulnerability in these sorts of websites? I find that the best way to protector any password is to write down these passwords in print or even through a “secret” word document (one that is hidden within a different folder rather than something like “My Documents”)

  4. While I somehow manage to remember all of my passwords that I use, I have a bad habit of forgetting which password goes to which account. And since there’s never a reminder on the login page, I can never remember which sites use a capital letter, a period, a number, or whatever else is suggested to be in the passwords. I really like that Google has a new setting that texts you a series of number every time you log on using a new computer. This prevents me from needing to change my password, but does come with the added risk that I lose my phone.

    1. I really do hate changing passwords, I also dont observe all the safety tips I should because I have nothing worth stealing but I suppose that will change in the future and its never too early to start good habits.

  5. The technology seems convenient. So many sites these days want passwords, mix in emails and e commerce accounts and that’s a whole lot of stuff to remember. I’m just curious if any of those data storage providers could be hacked.

  6. I think it is extremely important to use different passwords for each account. Although it is near impossible to memorize them all when you have over 50 different combinations like me, I do think this will decrease your chances of fraud. Using many numbers, symbols, and Uppercase letters can also decreases your chances of someone hacking into your account! Although these password Apps are a great idea, I don’t know if I fully trust them. I would be afraid to put every single password that I have all onto one App. If my phone ever were to get lost or stolen, I would want to change all my passwords just incase the thief hacked into the App.

  7. I think this subject is very important, as you have mentioned in class, there has been a big issue on people hacking into others accounts and I feel its important for people to learn about changing their passwords to prevent this. The technology that has advanced has caused us to have less and less privacy and makes it easy for others to know everything about us so keeping less on the internet and constantly changing passwords is at least a start to helping this

  8. I agree that we need to be better about our personal safety online especially with all the online hackers these days. I’ve noticed lately that most websites or online accounts make you create a password with a upper case and lower case letters, include a number and a special character like !@#$. I think making passwords more unique will definitely help with the safety of your accounts. I know for example when the target scandal happened so many cards were hacked into and many of the banks cancelled your account and issued you a new banking card.

  9. I can never remember any of the passwords I make. I have a range of about 4 passwords that I use for just about everything depending on what it is. A lot of websites now make you add a capital letter, a number, and a punctuation mark and thats where I begin to forget everything. For example, Hofstra makes you change your password at the beginning of every semester. I understand why they would make you change your password every now and then but not every single semester. I’ve lost track of my passwords so many times and I am running out of things to make my passwords.

  10. In the past I used to use the same password for every site because it made it really easy to remember. But I soon realized that using the same password makes it even easier for hackers to get my information. I now use different passwords for each site and by using symbols it makes it harder to get hacked. But it also makes it harder to remember so now I keep a written page of all usernames and passwords, otherwise I would never remember which goes to which account…

  11. I do agree that we need to be safer with all the online hackers around now. I used to have a universal password for all my account, but now most websites require you to add a symbol (*&^#%) into the password or one capital letter. I also write down my passwords somewhere in my phone so i don’t forget them which isn’t very smart either.

  12. I definitely need to put more thought into securing my passwords. I basically use the same password for every account (don’t tell anyone :)). My bank password is a little more secure, thanks to my dad. It seems like Hofstra is always making us change our password, but I guess it’s not bad thing, even though I’m running out of password ideas. When I do use different ones for different accounts I forget them really easily. But it needs to be done; we can’t have all our private information being hacked into, especially with all the new knowledge and technology regarding the internet and hacking.

  13. Changing passwords can be a hassle and a strain on your memory, but at the same time it protects your information. I know my dad has to change his password for his work laptop every month, because hackers are getting companies’ information, so employeeso need to change their passwords to prevent this from happening. My yahoo email has been hacked onto numerous times, and I found out the only way to prevent it from continuously occurring is to constantly change my password. It is a shame that people recently have been stealing others’ identities and personal information, but all we can do is think safer when it comes to passwords. Although password managers are meant to help people, I personally don’t think I would trust them. There are many false websites out there, and the last thing I would do would be to give all of my passwords away to an online program.

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