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  1. In today’s digital age, you have to adapt. As technology dominates every field, you have to be able to go with it and change with it. Having knowledge of digital programs is crucial in expanding your value for different companies.

  2. As a marketer, I definitely feel that there is significant gap between what organizations need today and what competencies most existing marketers have. While marketers need to step up and learn new skills, organizations should also help nurture them as well. In the end, it keeps our field exciting!

  3. Great overview! I feel like this isn’t promoted/acknowledged enough. I’m currently looking for a job, and I would say at least 90% of the postings I see include Digital skills as a requirement. I think that 20% number showing how many are improving their skills on their own is going to increasingly grow (especially considering I’m taking a couple of different online classes now!). Thanks for posting!

  4. Everything today is going digital and I think it can be a hard adjustment for some companies, but it is the most efficient way to attract the target market you are looking for. Everyone is on social media lately and by taking advantage of all the different benefits social media has to offer, I believe it can make a company very successful.

  5. To our generation using social media seems like an easy everyday thing. The thought of someone not knowing exactly what and how to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and Vine is mind-blowing. I guess what gets me the most is that fact that people pay thousands of dollars to get a degree that they use to operate social media sites. Why should people pay for a college education to end up doing something that is second nature to them?

  6. I feel like most businesses can not last today without being able to market their business through digital skills. Everyone uses social media and if you don’t know how to use social media, it can be a major set back. I know that every time I am looking for coupons/deals, new products, and anything in general I always check the internet before I go out somewhere to look for it. Businesses need to keep up with the younger generation because that is how they are going to attract people. I know many businesses that use Instagram and Twitter as their marketing tools and it keeps people updated and they like that. People like hearing from their favorite places as much as these places like getting business from them.

  7. I really agree with what this article has to say. In the past marketing was not as multifaceted as it is now. Its really interesting to look at how the field has changed. WIth the increase in technology i feel like the majority of marketing is now done through social media, phones, and the internet the field of marketing really has diversified.

  8. It is obvious that people who are knowledgeable in the digital field will excel more than those who don’t have the skills for social networking, web analytics, etc. The world is becoming more and more dependent on technology, and those who can keep up with the new marketing advancements will have an advantage because this will help them give them a competitive edge. The newer generations are and have grown up with more socializing via technology than actual face-to-face conversations, which gives them a leg up with being technologically advanced, ultimately leading them to obtaining better jobs.

  9. I really agree with this article. I currently work at a entertainment company where they are constantly advertising on Facebook and Instagram. My uncle, who owns the company, always tells me that most of their customers find out about their company from these posts. It is extremely important for companies to realize that if they advertise on social media it could really benefit them.

  10. I liked and agree with this article. Today technology is the face of the world, and as technology continues to change and upgrade, we must rapidly upgrade too. Advertising is all over Facebook and social networks now. People are always using social networks so advertising on these networks gets people to look at them especially young people who are the main users of them. Marketing in the past is way different than it is today whereas they rarely had to advertise on social networks on technology wise. Today, everything is found online and the best way to get a customer is through online. I will become a customer at many places if I am getting a deal on groupon, if your advertising is bland and rare, 9 times out of 10, I will not indulge. Advertising on social networks brings a lot of customers.

  11. As more industries moving into the technological era, using these skills are becoming ever more important for marketing. We see on Facebook and other websites that the advertisements we see are things that we have searched for previously online. Learning to adapt to the technological era and finding ways to market online is an essential tool that we’ll have to learn in the near future.

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