Twitter has just announced that it will be undertaking an IPO (initial public offering) in the near future. Here’s the full announcement (as a tweet, of course), in less than 140 characters: “We’ve confidentially submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO. This Tweet does not constitute an offer of any securities for sale.”

With this in mind, click on the image to view an Inc. interview by online firm  Mobi with Biz Stone, a Twitter co-founder, on the story of Twitter.



8 Replies to “Twitter Going Public”

  1. I feel like Twitter is going to have a very strong IPO. I constantly see their brand on numerous forms of communication, whether it be on the tv, computer, or in the newspaper (with the hashtags). The amount of corporate backing that Twitter has is great for the company. Also, Twitter is becoming public in a time where their user are actually increasing, whereas Facebook’s users are on the decline( which explains their poor IPO). All of these factors suggest to me that Twitter is in a good place financially to enter the market as a public company.

  2. I too believe that Twitter will be extremely successful when it hits the market as a public company. In the last couple years, twitter has been used not only as a media outlet but also as a marketing tool for many companies. As more and more companies use Twitter to market products or promotions, the more popular Twitter becomes. I believe that many people and business will want to have a “piece” of Twitter because they are able to see how much it is flourishing and how fast a company or a person can spread a message.

  3. With Facebook on the decline, I think Twitter will have a great IPO. Twitter is already popular among teenagers, news channels, and many other media operations. You constantly see a “live Tweet feed” on shows like The View and The Soup which just shows how much twitter has effected society and social media. However, Twitter does need to come up with a plan to profit from this because they really don’t make money since Twitter is free and public. It will be interesting to see this play out.

  4. I personally don’t understand why twitter is so popular. I just find it super boring, and very rarely use it anymore.I understand that it is a great marketing tool because people follow what celebrities are doing or what products they use. So it will probably be successful once it goes public. One thing that Twitter has to worry about is the fact that Facebook now uses Hashtags, so Facebook is becoming more competitive with Twitter.

  5. I think that Twitter will have a good IPO because of the recent advertising that has been occurring with hashtags being put on during television shows. By adding them to the shows it is causing people who were not necessarily interested in Twitter before to maybe try it out to see what other people are talking about with relation to the show they are watching. I do not know however whether the success of the IPO will last long because a good amount of people that have Twitter accounts are starting to use them less and less.

  6. I Could see Twitter having a good IPO because of the popularity of it right now. It has gotten very big and so many different people use it. And as one of the creators stated it is used around the world and could be used from a multitude of devices. It would be beneficial for them right now to go public.

  7. When Twitter was first created I was addicted to it because everyone was using it and tweeting, it was the big thing. Now, I barely use twitter and I never have the urge to go on it. I would rather use other social media sites such as Facebook. Although I am not a huge fan of Twitter, I know that multiple people prefer to use Twitter over any other social media site. I think that Twitter is and will remain successful because it is an extremely well know, and constantly used site that numerous people use to follow people and products on.

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