In preparing for a career, it is important to consider what job opportunities are expected to grow in the future. This should be part of one’s self assessment (See this infographic.).

Click the image to take a look at a nice slide show from sparks & honey: “This presentation will show you a snapshot of 20 careers that will likely come of age in the next 10 years. Some of these jobs exist now, but will come into greater demand soon. Others do not exist yet, but through our daily scanning of future fringe signals we see strong potential in their emergence.”


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  1. I can see this definitely arising in the future in that like the increasing advancements in technology, society must advance as well especially future careers. We are going to need careers that will help us navigate through our changing world and through look at the presentation these careers deal with the ever issues we have today with not only technology but also other aspects of society such as the curiosity tutor and digital detox therapist.

  2. As a society that is ever-changing and introducing more technology to the economy, looking at new and trending jobs is an important part of some in the workforce. with the introduction of new tech to the world, new jobs in the markets will appear but will also take away some of the older relics of jobs that are dying now. I am intrigued by some of these new jobs and I think that some of these jobs are very interesting.

  3. I thought the curiosity tutor position was really interesting because today most students are taught to not argue with authority. I think this position is necessary for people to improve both themselves and the world around them.
    In addition, I also thought the meme agent was very funny. I didn’t really think of Memes as personalities, yet now I see the connection and its value.

  4. “60% of the best jobs in the next 10 years haven’t been invented yet.”

    I thought the quote above was really interesting. In my own opinion, I think that the expansion of social media is going to create new jobs. Personally, I have had a small experience dealing with this type of job. Last semester, I was an Assistant to the Social Media Director at Hofstra. I had access to Hofstra’s Twitter and Instagram. Through some trial and error, I learned how to best compose Hofstra’s tweets and spark as much conversation and interaction as possible.

    I guess my point is that for teenagers, social media is more fun than anything. But I truly believe that in the future it will open so many doors for employment. Because after all, social media is an evolving form of marketing.

  5. This slideshow is so spot on and relevant to this day and age. Thanks to the ever-growing technological advancements and social networks, there will be many new professions that will be in high demand. One of the professions that I liked was the Digital Detox Therapist. Our “Millenial” generation is so connected to our devices that it sometimes becomes overwhelming and overbearing. However, we’re so addicted that we don’t know what we would do without those devices. A Digital Detox therapist would show someone with this “addiction”, how to take a relaxing break from the digital world. Another profession(that I know will certainly be in high demand), is Skype Staging. Nowadays so many interviews, meetings, business deals, and even long distant relationships take plan on a videochat. Therefore, it’s important to know the unwritten rules of communicating through this medium. For example, if you’re a girl, make sure you have makeup on. And if you’re a guy, make sure your room or workspace is neat and looks presentable.

  6. Of the proposed careers, I believe that the most likely career in the near future is the Urban Shepherd. Especially after hearing Will Allen speak at Hofstra, it is evident that the urban agriculture movement is picking up speed. Great strides are being made in the projects of Milwaukee with rooftop farming and maximization of space, in addition to the ever-increasing awareness of our declining health. People are trying to figure out how to make themselves healthier and more sustainable, and movements like the Good Food Revolution led by Will Allen are rising up. The Urban Shepherd is absolutely a potential career, and almost undoubtedly the idea of urban farming will be introduced to more young people in the coming years.

  7. Change is unavoidable in life and is something the human population deals with constantly. Due to its inevitability we are forced to make adjustments in our lives and in our environment. The job market is one aspect of our lives that is always changing based on new technologies and current public demands. The new types of jobs listed above all seem like something that could be called to the job market based on where the societies wants are heading. I am very interested to see if these jobs actually become a reality and if so how successful they turn out to be.

  8. This PowerPoint presentation is incredibly eye-opening, informative, and interesting! While it is obvious that our modern world is becoming increasingly technology oriented, I think that many of us don’t realize the implications that has on the job market. A lot of the jobs listed in the presentation are jobs that have never been created because we haven’t had the need for them. Personally, I find it interesting to think about that jobs that will be important to our generation. One of my favorite jobs from the PowerPoint was the “Digital Detox Therapist”. I think that this occupation most accurately defines the changing perspective in our society from people-based to technology-based. It’s unbelievable to think that at some point in the near future there will be a job market that is entirely devoted to helping people who are too consumed by their digital devices!

  9. The jobs of the future that were listed look very interesting and seem realistic. Our society is geared in the direction of innovative technology, which is probably presumable why most of these jobs have to do with technology. It is crazy how much new technology is shaping our lives, but we live in a world where we are constantly seeking change, especially through job opportunities. It will be cool to see how many of these jobs actually start to appear soon in the job market. I feel as though at least more then half will do so.

  10. It’s so crazy to think that so much is predicted in just ten years, especially saying 60 percent of the best jobs in ten years haven’t even been invented. This just shows how rapidly our world changes, and we don’t even realize it! Articles like these are what really opens up our eyes to how fast time goes by. Obviously, a lot of these jobs has to do with technology. It’s amazing how accustomed we are to technology, and that we forget technology is still something new being adapted to our lives. I think it’s pretty exciting to see all these new jobs, and I can’t even imagine what other jobs will come out of society changing more and more. Very interesting to read!

  11. One quote that sticks out to me here is, “Careers are now complex, fragmented, specialized, collaborative, and ever-evolving. More often than not, our work-life will be made up of a portfolio of micro-careers.” In this I think lies a key change for all those pooled into the Generation Y cohort: Your career is not static. My parents for example have been working the same job for the past 30 years: My father, a sergeant for the NYS Courts, and my mother, an RN for a Dialysis Clinic in Brooklyn. Now, business trends have been showing for years that these long-term careers are fading, and rather a myriad of dynamic micro-career experiences will craft our uniquely individualized skills set. And if one thing is made clear by these 20 booming careers, technology skills are going to play a big part in the jobs of the future.

  12. This slide show is a true eye opener to all the new possibilities for our future jobs. They might sound silly now, but I definitely can see our population needing a digital death manager or Skype stager. These corky and innovative jobs relate to our advancing world and will become very useful in the near future. For example, no one would have known what a personal digital curator would do a decade ago. Now, it’s very plausible that an extremely involved businessman won’t have time to maintain and evolve his apps in order to advance his career. So, hiring someone to do this task for him could be quite beneficial. Jobs like this one will be in high demand before we know it.

  13. I find this list very interesting. Most of the jobs listed are jobs I do not think are very popular today. This shows how society is always changing and adapting to the various needs and demands of others. However, I am one to believe that whatever job you want in life is there, you just need to acquire it. All the negative talk about jobs not being as available in the past just rubs me the wrong way. It demotivates people from looking for jobs and makes people lazier as a result. Many people give up before they even get started, and I feel like if there was a different message being sent to people coming out of college, the overall approach to the job search would be more positive

  14. It’s amazing to think that some of the futures best jobs have not even been invented yet. Looking through the slide show, I was surprised to see that some of them haven’t been invented already. The digital detox therapist is one that I would think they have today since most teens cannot go five minutes without their phones or laptops. Technological jobs will be the future of employment.

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