That is a good question at this point in the evolution of media. It should be no surprise that print is no longer the typical answer. But it may be a surprise that TV still ranks ahead of online sources for U.S. consumers of news.

Look at the chart below for the results of a recent Gallup poll that examines the most popular media for news by age and education, and click on the image to read more from eMarketer.



2 Replies to “Where Do YOU Get Your News?”

  1. It is understandable that the younger age group uses television as primary source of news. It is easily to fine, for the most part free, and easy to understand for the majority of people. Level of education is also understandable as to why most people get their information from television. Lower levels of educated people have an easier time understanding what is happening, while those with higher levels branch out and know of other sources from different perspectives that they enjoy to read or watch.

  2. It is clear that the younger generations turn to televisions and the internet as their primary ways of obtaining news and information. Some blame this on the timing of the development of this technology. The older generations grew up with print and radio versions of news and then acquired the ability to obtain news using electronics later on. The younger generations grew up with television and internet news already there and popular which explains why their dependence on television and internet versions of news is so much higher then their elders.

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