Before starting the job search, make sure you have all of your materials in order. And check them for accuracy and currency.

Consider these tips from Amanda Green, writing for

  • “Never apply for a job without making sure your online presence is as ready to interview as you are. Employers will look at the online version of you before they invite the in-person version to an interview, so make sure what they see helps solidify their impression of you as a candidate.”
  • Update your LinkedIn profile: Rewrite your summary to include your current career objective, and ask colleagues to endorse you and provide recommendations that reflect your job search. Make sure your online resume includes all your newest accomplishments. If you don’t have a professional picture to add to your profile, it’s time to have one taken.”
  • Update your social media profiles: It’s easy to forget to keep your social media profiles updated, especially when you have multiple accounts. Log on to each of your social media services and make sure your profile photo is current and flattering and your profile blurb is accurate.”
  • Google yourself: You know your potential employer is going to Google you, so go ahead and Google yourself first.”
  • Make sure your personal life is out of the focus:  Choose anonymous, unrelated handles for dating sites, diet sites, and anything else  you don’t want your employer to see.”
  • Write a well-placed blog post about your industry: it’s relatively easy to get published on an online magazine’s blog section. Write a post about a discovery you made while working or your thoughts on industry trends, then submit it to Open Salon or the Huffington Post. If you know your industry reads certain blogs or online publications, submit to them as well.”

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