I recently gave a talk about how to be more careful online — especially with social media. More and more, identity theft, invasion of one’s privacy, and other forms of online misbehavior have been occurring. Whether it involves Twitter, the New York Times, or a private citizen, hacking has become a greater problem.

My presentation is available at YouTube. For easy viewing, the presentation is divided into 5segments. Just click below to access the clips.

PLEASE NOTE: the PART 1 to PART 4 CLIPS have the most information. There are many valuable tips at each clip.



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4



3 Replies to “UPDATE! Being Smarter Online”

  1. I agree that people really need to be smarter online. I look around at facebook, twitter, and instagram and I see people posting things from hateful language to underage drinking pictures, to pictures of illegal drugs like marijuana. I don’t know why anyone in their right minds would post illegal activities or just statements that reflect poorly on themselves online. It almost seems as if they have decided at our young age that they don’t need a well paying job because the only jobs they are going to get acting like that are probably waiting tables at restaurants that don’t do detailed background checks. Even further, I just don’t see the point of posting these things to begin with. Does it make you cool now that everyone knows what you’re doing or now that people have insight to your inner most thoughts that probably shouldn’t be shared? It is something that I will always struggle to understand and I don’t think this problem will ever disappear.

  2. It is very important for us to being smarter online, because as now technology is very well developed, everything is easy. Of course everyone use all kinds of social networks, but we all need to pay extra attention for what we post online. especially for us, we are right at the age getting our career and also at the same time we all want to have fun, but pictures of drinking and the illegal activities shouldnt appear on any of the social networks, it is wrong for anyone to do those things from the beginning, why do you want the public know?? It will cause consequences without you knowing it.

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