Having an innovative mindset means actively looking into the merits of new ideas rather than letting the ideas just sit around in the back of one’s head. Procrastination = a lack of innovativeness.

In an article provocatively titled “Idea Rot: Why Ideas Have a Two Week Shelf Life,” Steve Corona (chief technology officer of Twitpic) addresses the topic thusly: “I have a new rule that I’m making for myself and holding others to: If you haven’t worked on something in the past two weeks, you’re not allowed to talk about it. I’m guilty. But not as much, anymore. My ideas would just sit for months. Stagnating. Ideas rot, and the only way to keep them from spoiling is to turn them into reality. And I’m not the only one guilty of wasting ideas. I’ve heard about the same projects that y’all were going to start working on ‘this weekend’ for the past 6 months. Stuck on repeat. When all you do is talk, you forget the most critical step — making. I’m not saying skip researching your ideas, but less-is-more. You don’t need to be an expert to solve a problem and it doesn’t need to be perfect the first time. Cut before you measure.”

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