Over the last few years, many people have experienced “gaps” in their employment — that is, at least one period of time when a person was not working. Thus, a crucial question to address is: What were you doing from __ to __?

These two video clips from CareerBuilder give tips on how to handle this scenario.




9 Replies to “Explaining Gaps in Your Work History”

  1. Good tips. I may need to use this. Makes a lot of sense though. People interviewing you are human too, so they will understand gaps as long as you can defend them positively.

  2. Nice tips. And really quite a new idea for me. I usually thought the gaps are naturally. But now, I may use the explain opportunity to show more about myself to the interviewer. It should be a helpful chance to speak more about what you have done and learned.

  3. Being not aggressive or apologetic is the key, just make it reasonable. Sometimes the employers just want some information not to blame anybody.

  4. I thought the second video brought up great points about preparing for the question and not being defensive. By preparing, whether truthful or not, the response will come out more naturally and relaxed and won’t come off as defensive. A quick response will also give the impression that you are well aware of the gap and feel as though your reasons for this gap were legitimate and unavoidable.

  5. Great tips! Being prepared for an interview means being thoroughly prepared and having an answer to why there is a gap is very important. As long as you can have a strong answer to why there is a gap, and that it has made you a better person for the job/company, you should be fine. And it doesn’t hurt if there was a gap in your employment to have done some charity work in that time, it shows the HR department the kind of person you really are.

  6. These are excellent tips. I also remember another suggestion that i had from one of my professors in Europe. He said always mention that you had to quite job due to a health problem of one of your closest relatives. This shows that you are a person with honor and responsible and also you are not the one who suffers from healthy issues showing that you are weak for the job.

  7. This vedio is very interesting and helpful, it give some advices while you are having interview, you will know how to show your strongth.

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