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  1. i have worked as an employee for one black friday in my life at the store Old Navy. i worked at the store for over a year but the black friday shift from 3am-12pm the next day was the most ridiculous shifts of my life. The store was PACKED my whole entire shift and we had many cases of people just walking out of the store stealing a stack of jeans. but one thing i noticed about the sales of the products is that they are really not all that they are made up to be. Many of the sales were the same sales that we had any other day but the signs were just bigger for the deals and people just assumed they were saving because it was black friday. The biggest sales are not on black friday. They are when the store is changing its seasons and is trying to get rid of merchandise. When our store was changing from winter to spring clothing we had sales of up to 80% when on black friday it was only around 50%. As a store like old navy who is known for giving great deals, i can only imagine how many other people are getting ripped off on black friday at more expensive department stores.

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