With headlines such as “Twinkie Maker Hostess to Close,” many consumers think that means the end of Twinkies, Wonder Bread, Ding Dongs, and other popular brands.

But, that is not what’s going to happen. Instead, another firm will bid on these brands and they will continue on into the future. So, relax. You’ll still have your Twinkies to munch on!!! So don’t overreact to comments such as these in the Wall Street Journal: “On Friday [November 16], as news of the [Hostess Brands company] shutdown spread, shoppers flocked to stores to stock up on Hostess treats. That led to a run on products Friday at a Hostess outlet store in Waukegan, Ill., a city about 40 miles north of Chicago. Signs saying ‘last day sale’ advertised loaves of Wonder Bread for 59 cents each. One man left with two shopping carts full of the bread. ‘All my life I’ve known Hostess,’ said Bertha West, 68, who said her mother put Twinkies in her lunch. ‘It seems unreal.'”

We may be saying good-bye to Hostess Brands, the company, but not to the brands that consumers love.

Click the photo to access a WSJ video on the company.

Source: Reuters

8 Replies to “Relax Twinkies Fans: It’s Only the Company Going Out of Business”

  1. It is good to see that a business will somewhat survive to some degree in this economic climate. I am not completely sold on the revival of an item that reportedly does not expire and will theoretically survive a nuclear winter. A product of that nature seems like it would have some sort of negative health effects.

  2. This is a good point, so many people failed to realize that even if Hostess closes, the brands (Twinkies, Wonder Bread etc.) will most likely live on. These brands have great value in their names and will be a good investment for another company to purchase, especially when a single Twinkie was going on eBay Friday night on $5,000.

  3. On all of the news programs i watch this is talked about almost every single day. In fact today on the abc show called “The Chew” they advertised a recipe for home made twinkies so that people could “live on” once the twinkies were gone “for good”. I think it is humorous that people are making such a big fuss about the twinkies and wonderbread. In my opinion these are cheap, artificial and not very tasteful products. I have never been a twinkie fan or a hostess fan at all, but the fact that americans are making such a HUGE deal about this may just be why other countries in the world hate us.

  4. This seems like a golden opportunity for a company such as Hersheys or Nestle to hop on in and bid on these products, they have a rich history and vast and loyal consumer base that should greatly benefit whatever company picks them up.

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