As reported by eMarketer: “Most businesses have realized that social media users often expect to get responses to customer service queries and complaints through that channel, and according to research released in October by SAP and Social Media Today, 71.2% of companies worldwide provided customer support on social media. But it’s still a small piece of the customer service picture, according to the survey. The bulk of companies, 41.2% of the total, said they handled only up to 5% of customer service issues on social channels. Just 17.7% handled at least one-quarter of all customer service issues this way.”

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2 Replies to “Customer Service Means Much More Than Social Media Engagement”

  1. i believe that not many people are using social media as a way to have their customer service questions answered because it is still not a trusted source. i know that if i am buying a product or need to ask a question about something i already own, i would rather talk to a human being on a telephone then ask some robot on social media about my problems. No matter how huge social media is getting, when it comes to customer service.. people will always feel more comfortable talking to someone on the phone or in person. I feel that the percentages are low not because people don’t like the service, they would just rather use another method of customer services.

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