JWT Intelligence regularly produces reports on a wide variety of marketing subjects and makes them readily available.

Recently, JWT Intelligence published a report about the changing status of Chinese brands. As noted in the report’s executive summary: “China is the globe’s most populous country and its second biggest economy (one that’s forecast to move ahead of the U.S. in another 15 years). But by and large, its brands haven’t yet made a notable impact on the global consumer market. That may well change in the near future: China is actively seeking to export more than just the rest of the world’s manufactured goods and to develop strong brands that can hold their own both at home and on the world stage. Chinese brands face an uphill battle, with an array of external and internal forces currently hindering their efforts to take root internationally. This report details those roadblocks, spotlighting the array of negative perceptions among Western consumers — starting with their low regard for the “Made in China” label—as well as key reasons why many Chinese firms aren’t yet innovative, fl at and flexible enough to compete with global brands.”

Click the image to access the complete 65-page report.


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