Earlier this week, Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) landed in jail, was dropped by the NFL’s Miami Dolphins, had his wife of 41 days file for divorce, and lost his TV show on VH1 after allegations of domestic violence.

Today, Major League Baseball announced the 50-game suspension of Melky Cabrera of the San Francisco Giants after he tested for high levels of testosterone. In this instance, Cabrera not only hurt himself, but also his team. He was second in the National League in hitting, and the Giants were tied for first place.

If you were running a sports league or a team, how would you handle the bad behavior in a way that satisfies sponsors and fans? The media — especially social media — are having a field day with this stuff.

Check out Fox Sports’ “Hall of Shame” slide show.


4 Replies to “How Does Sports Marketing Overcome the Taint of Bad Behavior?”

  1. I believe the SF Giants’ statement was direct, proper, and in the best interest of Baseball.

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