It is impossible to discuss the Super Bowl without an article on newly-retired Tom Brady. Not only is he a 7-time Super Bowl winning quarterback (and 5-time MVP). Tom Brady is a marketing superstar.

Interesting aside: One of Brady’s key motivating factors during his career was selection as the 199th pick (6th round) of the 2000 NFL draft. And following the selection of 5 other quarterbacks. One of those 5 picks was Gio Carmazzi, a former Hofstra University student of mine. Unfortunately, Gio never played in the NFL. While the 199th selection is now considered by many as the greatest NFL player of all time.


Not Just a Hall-of-Fame Player: Tom Brady Is a Marketing Superstar

While excelling in the NFL, Brady also become a marketer supreme. Consider these recent observations by Jacob Camenker for WWD:

One of Brady’s major plans is to focus on running the three companies that he co-founded: Autograph, BRADY, and TB12 Sports. “The future is exciting,” Brady wrote in his retirement post. “I’m fortunate to have cofounded incredible companies. . .that I am excited to continue to help build and grow.”


Brady helped launch Autograph to take advantage of the recent surge in popularity of NFTs. An NFT — or “non-fungible token” — represents a form of unique, digital asset bought and sold online using the blockchain. NFTs are often created to trade digital art and collectibles. Which is the goal of Autograph, per the official Web site.


BRADY is an apparel company  he co-founded. The company makes athletic apparel and describes itself as: “The first technical apparel brand to apply two decades of pro sports level innovation and engineering to create a system of clothing that performs across every activity.” Brady gets featured as not only an owner of BRADY. He also models some of the apparel for the company’s Web site.


TB12 Sports is a lifestyle and wellness company, the best-known of Brady’s business ventures. The company sells everything from nutritional supplements to apparel. To sessions with a “body coach.” The goal of the company is to create a “smarter, more holistic approach to health and wellness,” as detailed by the official Web site.

Tom’s functional strength & conditioning principles, innovative recovery practices, and commitment to preventing and addressing injuries form the basis for everything TB12 does. Brady’s practice focuses on “The TB12 Method.” This preaches nutrition, hydration, movement, mental fitness and pliability to create a healthier lifestyle. Brady wrote a book about that method. And claims that it helped him play longer and stay fit at the NFL level.

To read more from Camenker, click the image.

Tom Brady Is a Marketing Superstar

Advertising Spokesperson

In addition to the above businesses, Brady represents many companies in commercials.

On Monday, February 1, 2022, Ad Age ranked 12 of Tom Brady’s commercials. The top two follow.

1. Hulu: The Announcement — This 2020 ad for Hulu takes on new meaning in light of Brady’s announcement. “They say all good things must come to an end,” says the signal-caller as dramatic music plays. “That the best just know when to walk away. So, to my teammates, my family and, most of all, my fans, you deserve to hear this from me…” The black-and-white video seems a loving farewell to a storied career, but it’s actually a commercial for Hulu. At the spot’s finale, he says, “It’s time to say goodbye to TV as you know it. But me? I’m not going anywhere.” Sigh.

2. Ugg: Do Nothing — Partnering with actor Jeff Bridges, Brady spends most of this ad for Ugg sleeping. As Bridges sings, the pro athlete gets some much-needed sleep. It’s nice to see him investing in self-care. That is, until Bridges abruptly disrupts his slumber.


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