For several years, the U.S. MBA was a treasured degree to employers. And accordingly to students as well. Then, the degree lost some of its popularity. With some companies hiring lower-cost employees. But now, we see that 2021 is witnessing the evolving popularity of the MBA.

This post from 2013 highlights the long-term popularity and value of the MBA.


2021 Ushers in the Evolving Popularity of the MBA

The MBA has gained renewed prominence at some firms. While losing its cachet at other firms. To learn about the state of the MBA, we turn to Patrick Thomas, writing for the Wall Street Journal:

Tech companies with surging businesses during the pandemic now snag more of the MBA talent entering the workforce. Including Amazon. and Zoom Video Communications. As a result, the latter help offset pullbacks by industries harder hit by the Covid-19 economy.

Openings for tech positions rose at 57% of full-time Masters of Business Administration programs fall 2020. According to a survey of nearly 100 schools by industry group MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance. Yet, overall, it has been a lackluster recruiting season at business schools, the survey found. As nearly half reported an overall decline in opportunities for students.

Sectors hit hardest by the pandemic, such as retail and energy, pulled back their MBA recruiting, according to the report. That is especially the case for companies in the hospitality industry, which 61% of business schools said have cut back job opportunities.

Nearly half the schools also reported a decline in recruiting from consulting firms — traditionally some of the biggest hirers of MBA graduates every year. For example, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Bain & Co., said last year that they planned to make fewer hires  among second-year MBA candidates, beyond those who interned in the summer.

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The Renewed Popularity of the MBA


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