Among our most popular posts are those dealing with color. Today, we expand coverage of this topic to include global perspectives on the psychology of color. Culture makes a difference in those perceptions.

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Differences by Region: Global Perspectives on the Psychology of Color

Superior marketers realize that one size doe not fit all. In the context of color, this means they must recognize and adapt to cultures around the world. Especially firms engaged in global marketing.

With the preceding in mind, we turn to an excellent synopsis from Inkbot Design. Along with its associated infographic:

The success of your business depends on the colors you choose. Because it translates a message to your consumers. You, as a business owner, should strive by all means to send a distinctive message that sets you apart from other competitors. While doing this, you should also ensure that you are not losing the consistency between the color and personality of the company.

Often, colors convey emotions subconsciously without people even recognizing it. And that subconscious chemical reaction in consumer brains will affect the choices of your customers. As a result, the colors you choose may enable you to have more control over your prices. One color may look more superior and sophisticated than the other, which may affect the way customers view your products.

For a good comparison of the meaning of colors in different cultures, read through the infographic below.

Global Perspectives on the Psychology of Color

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