Color is a very important component  of the marketer’s toolbox, as we have reported before (see 1, 2.) Today, we present forty facts on psychology of Color.

An Infographic with FORTY Facts on the Psychology of Color

Colin Cieloha of makes these observations:

“Are colors in business important? It is not something that I ever thought needed a serious consideration. I always thought that color was there to make things look pretty. Recent studies have proven that color can impact on behavior, thoughts, emotions, and even the subconscious decisions that we make. Color is a key tool that can be used for marketing purposes to drive sales and increase conversion rates.”

“Do you know that the reason why red is such a popular color choice for clearance sales is because it evokes a sense of urgency and can even raise our heart rate? The psychology of color is explored in an infographic from the team at which you can view in full below. Take a look and find out how color can boost your business.”
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3 Replies to “FORTY Facts on the Psychology of Color”

  1. I cannot agree more, colors are important in attracting customers to meet specific needs – red for clearance, green for organic, white for perfection – But is it really the colors or the trend that was set by certain brands that now became the norm. What i mean to ask is that is it that we have always associated white/silver with perfection or is it because Apple as a brand is marketed as near perfect and uses white/silver combination that it reflects perfection in the minds of the customers OR Subway uses green for fresh produce that people associate it to healthy and organic. Don’t know 🙁

  2. It is amazing how marketers use everything possible approach to control your thoughts and emotions. It is no wonder I have trouble sleeping at night after my senses have been under attack all day.

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