Annually, Ethisphere publishes the results of a global study on ethics. Hence, we now look at the world’s most ethical firms 2022. To access our post on the 2021 study, click here.


From Ethisphere: World’s Most Ethical Firms 2022

Consider the relationship between business ethics and social responsibility. As Ethisphere notes: 

Investors, employees, and other stakeholders value companies with strong ethical practices, and for good reason. These companies outperform. Are better places to work. And make a positive impact on their communities.

At Ethisphere, we’ve spent 16 years measuring, studying, and celebrating the World’s Most Ethical Companies. These insights and experiences fuel our Business Ethics Leadership Alliance community. The annual Global Ethics Summit. And our proprietary benchmarking capabilities and reporting technology. In general, we focused on ethics, compliance, and culture. Furthermore, we’re here to answer the questions that will drive your success.

For 2022:

136 organizations are recognized for their unwavering commitment to business integrity. The honorees span 22 countries and 45 industries, They include 14 first-time honorees. As well as 6 organizations that have been named to the honoree list 16 times. Every year since its inception!

For the full 2022 list of 136 honorees, click here. 

These are the sixteen-time honorees:

Interestingly,  five of the six firms appearing every year are based in the United States.

To understand Ethisphere’s ethics framework, look below.

World’s Most Ethical Firms 2022


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