Yesterday, we highlighted some of the customer returns policies that most annoy shoppers. Now, we examine a proactive new strategy for customer returns.


No-Return Returns: Proactive New Strategy for Customer Returns

As we noted in our prior post, the greatest “pain point” when returning goods is taking a package to a drop-off facility. With the impact of the pandemic on the supply chain, shoppers are getting some interesting relief from large online retailers.

For this discussion, we turn to , reporting for Business Insider:

Amazon, Target, Walmart, and other larger retailers will issue refunds and let customers keep some holiday purchases they intend to return. Per the Wall Street Journal.

Some companies use AI to decide if a product is economically worth completing returns processing. Others let customers keep products the sellers don’t plan to resell. This move comes after a booming E-commerce holiday season.

Forgoing returns processing for some items is a good cost-saving tactic. AND it might also prevent strain on logistics systems. Processing online returns can cost anywhere between $10 and $20. And that’s not taking into consideration freight charges.

In addition, most consumers will appreciate the gesture. Thus strengthening customer loyalty for retailers.

U.S. E-tailing is expected to continue growing for the foreseeable future. As a result, no-return returns policies may last a while. 🙂

Proactive New Strategy for Customer Returns


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