Several times last year, we wrote about personal enhancement during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we know, heading into 2021, the pandemic rages on. Thus, you must be resolute in YOUR 2021 resolutions.

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More Than Ever: Be Resolute in Your 2021 Resolutions

Did you set up new career-related resolutions for yourself to achieve in 2021? How committed to them are you? Due to the continuing pandemic, are you highly motivated to succeed? Or kind of blasé?

Consider this kernel of information about resolutions in general. According to Jessica Hicks, writing for Thrive Global:

We make New Year’s resolutions with the best of intentions. As we look back at the last year, and forward at the next, we determine the habits we want to build . As well as the behaviors we want to change. Why? To make our lives better. But judging by the bleak statistics — about 80 percent of resolutions fail, and most people lose their resolve by mid-February — it’s clear that our approach isn’t working.

Whether we’re overly ambitious and choose unrealistic, grand goals, or we don’t have the support in place that’s necessary to change our behaviors, we set ourselves up to fall short. Clearly, what we need isn’t to ditch our goals altogether. Rather, we need a new approach. So that our well-intended resolutions actually stick. At Thrive we believe in starting small with Microsteps. They are science-backed, too-small-to-fail actions you implement into your life right away to make a sustainable change. Whether you’re looking to lace up your sneakers more, revamp your diet, find more time for self-care, or beef up your bank account, these research-backed tips can help make new habits stick. 

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Be Resolute in Your 2021 Resolutions
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For additional tips, read “How to set realistic New Year’s resolutions and actually stick to them in 2021, according to a neuroscientist” in Business Insider.

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