Each year, we highlight Universum’s ratings of the most attractive employers. In this post, we present results from Universum’s 2020 rankings of employers. Both U.S. and global.


United States: Universum’s 2020 Rankings of Employers

For 2020:

Universum’s data come from responses by over 50,00 students from 323 universities across the country.  Also, Universum’s report includes Ideal Employer rankings. Which are segmented by field of study. By reading the findings from these data, employers will understand how to succeed in graduate recruitment and retention. As well as how to adapt to the changing preferences of their future workforce.

According to business students at U.S. universities, this chart shows the top 100 employers. To download the executive summary of the full report, click here. [A simple login is required.]

Universum's 2020 Rankings of Employers


Global: Universum’s 2020 Rankings of  Employers

For 2020:

Universum surveyed 235,273 business, engineering, and IT students in the world’s 12 largest economies. We asked: (a) Which employer characteristics are most influential for their future employment? (b) Which employer brands do they most admire? To be considered, companies must rank in the top 90% most attractive employers. Universum’s World’s Most Attractive Employer report is now in its twelfth year.

The rankings demonstrate that companies can make transformative changes in how they are perceived among would-be employees. The challenge — and opportunity — for employer brands in 2020 is to judge how the global pandemic and economic downturn will affect employees’ work priorities over the next 12 to 18 months.

Below, we present two charts from the global report. To download the executive summary of the full report, click here. [A simple login is required.]

If interested in a marketing career, please look carefully at the second chart. When reviewing the list, consider how well marketing rates. Worldwide!! 🙂

Universum's 2020 Rankings of Employers

Universum's 2020 Rankings of Employers


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