With our prior post, we examined salary guides for 2021. Why? To learn marketplace rates for various occupations. We even included a salary calculator tool. Next, after determining typical salaries, we focus on tips for salary negotiations. Knowing marketplace salaries only helps us if we possess superior negotiating skills.

The following discussion complements Be a Better Negotiator.


Don’t Undersell Yourself: Tips for Salary Negotiations

Although we may be aware of our market value, some of us feel uncomfortable in asking for a higher salary. Others may not have the tools to negotiate well. Thus, here we consider that topic. 

For very good advice, we turn to two sources.

PayScale’s Salary Negotiation Guide

According to PayScale:

Its Negotiation Guide is your ticket to salary negotiation success. We’ve expanded our compilation of expert advice. Including dozens of articles from career and finance experts that answer questions on how to negotiate salary. In our Salary Negotiation Guide you can filter by scenario to see only the advice that best fits your situation. Collect the data to support your request for a raise. And then, learn how to negotiate your salary and benefits. Engage in three easy steps: Research, Strategize, Negotiate.

To access PayScale salary negotiation tools, click on the image.

Tips for Salary Negotiations

Tips for Salary Negotiations Via an Infographic from Black Swan

As per Black Swan:

To at least some extent, we all work for money. Even if you’re incredibly enthusiastic about your job, you still have bills to pay and a financial future to secure. 

Yet, when it comes time to negotiate salary, many of us go quiet. Just 39 percent of workers negotiated a salary increase during their last job offer. But 85 percent of those who did negotiate their salaries ended up with better offers

To increase the chances that your salary negotiations will lead to more desirable outcomes, keep these five tips in mind before you sit down at the table.

Tips for Salary Negotiations


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