Yesterday, we examined several considerations if you decide to re-position yourself. Now, in changing your career – part two, we study the resume. 

Resume Revisions: Changing Your Career – Part Two

To date, well over 75 of our posts relate to the resume. We have also written about career changes. Considerations Before Changing Careers. And Success Switching Careers Post-30 Years Old.

But, not until this post, have we covered the two topics together.

We refer to the tips by Amanda Augustine, writing for TopResume:

“Many people cruise along on their career path only to eventually come to a fork in the road and decide it’s time for something new. The average employee changes jobs 10 to 15 times throughout his or her entire career. And switching careers altogether has become part of the norm. If you’re ready for a career switch, the last thing you want to do is start over. After all, you already have years’ worth of education, experience, training, and credentials under your belt. So how can you best apply these qualities to your career transition?”

“It’s important to organize and update your resume, making it applicable to the new kind of position you’re looking for. Our resume experts at TopResume can help, starting with a free resume review with personalized feedback and recommendations as they pertain to new job opportunities and career growth.” 

“You don’t have to start from a clean slate, but there are some essential elements your resume should include (or exclude), as illustrated below. It may look a whole lot different than what you’re used to! Here are seven ways to refresh your resume if you’re seeking a career change.”

Click the image for a larger view.

Changing Your Career - Part Two

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