Over the summer, we posted about psychology and digital marketing. Now, we focus on the consumer purchase process today.

The way we shop has certainly changed over the years. And so have our choices as to how and where we gather information and buy.


The Consumer Purchase Process Today

As reported by Rob FitzGerald for Connext Digital:

“Back in the day, you would meticulously plan a trip to the mall to find that specific product to purchase. Salespeople were gatekeepers of information. And you needed to ask them about anything you needed to know. If you encountered a salesperson who knew all the ins and outs of the product, then you’re lucky. If not, well then, you’re left with very little details that don’t help you make an informed decision. It’s not until technology transformed the way we do things that some tedious tasks became more comfortable to do, including shopping.”

“Now, the digital age lets people browse and buy items right at the palm of their hands, without leaving their seats. The Internet contains the information buyers need to know about products via a simple search. In fact, 81% of shoppers turn to search engines before they make a purchase.”

“Even word-of-mouth marketing and referrals have transitioned online in the form of reviews and testimonials. This marketing strategy dramatically influences a prospective buyer in completing a purchase. More and more people believe online reviews as much as their peers. Businesses have adapted to these changes by setting up their E-commerce Web sites or listing their products in marketplaces to retain their customers. However, it’s not enough to merely be online. Learning the new trends of consumer buying behavior is critical to conquering your market. It will provide better overall shopping experiences for your consumer and ultimately increase your company’s revenue.”

“If you want to reach your audience effectively, you should familiarize yourself with the way they shop.”

Check out the Connext infographic.

Consumer Purchase Process Today

15 Replies to “Consumer Purchase Process Today”

  1. The way consumers purchase items has truly evolved over the years, especially with the introduction of companies lie Amazon, who make it so easy and efficient to click and buy. In-store purchases are seen as a drag and with our lifestyles being on such a tight schedule, it is so much easier to scroll through an online page and “add to cart” then driving to a mall, speaking with a salesperson, and waiting on a line to purchase what you wanted. Because of this rapid evolution, I am interested to see how consumer behavior changes from here. Will stores be irrelevant in 15 years or will there be a population that returns back to the traditional shopping model?

  2. In the past, consumers relied mostly on in person interactions with their local store and the word-of-mouth reviews of their fellow neighbors. Now, we rely heavily on the internet to educate us on all of the products we shop for and all the stores we shop at. Most people look towards the internet for the new age version of word-of-mouth, online reviews and consumer blogs help people know what they want to buy. If the internet has given a store a very poor review, in the most likely scenario, people will stop shopping there and go to a more ‘trustworthy’ place. Another important benefit the internet brings to its consumers, is its ability for everyone to figure out where the best sales are. Knowing how to shop has now become a skill that everyone possess by utilizing the internet’s resources.

  3. Technology has changed the way we shop and look for items. The Internet is an easy and reliable source to purchase items because you do not have to go anywhere to buy something. If you need something within a short amount of time. For example, Amazon offers Amazon prime which allows you to get free two day shipping. This is convenient for people who need an item quickly.

  4. Technology has changed the way we gather information before we buy something. It is now much easier to look something up online, and even buy it online as well. Sometimes there are online discounts or free shipping when you spend a certain amount, and this is more intriguing than driving to the store in hopes that it is there and buying it. Stores like Amazon are a popular place to get something you need in a quick amount of time, with their deals of Amazon Prime, and cheaper products than in store.

  5. Digital shopping has changed the consumer’s buy products. Before internet we didn’t know if the product we want is good or bad unless our friends have bought them. However, now we can easily read reviews online and decide if we want the product or not. Another key part of retaining customers is to send personalize emails regarding the purchase to the customers after they make a purchase, doing this will certainly make customers happy and will allow them to buy from you again. Also, offering your products through different distribution centers will enable customers to check out product in stores if they like online or vice a versa.

  6. The numbers in this infographic certainly tell an interesting story. I didn’t see a mention of the demographics though. I’d be curious to see what the divide is between younger and older generations.

    Witnessing the closing of so many brick and mortar store locations—like the iconic Macy’s and Toys R Us—I often wonder how the older generation, who may not be so technologically savvy, will adapt.

  7. Technology has changed the way businesses interact with customers. Whether the customer is buying food, clothes, cars, or consumer electronics, the way companies interact with the customer is different. Years ago consumers would have to read magazines or newspapers to gather information. They would even go to the library to gather information. Today, from one’s home or office you can research and find out anything you ever wanted to know about a product. There are a lot of brick and mortar businesses in the world. Going forward when someone wants to open a business one would need to ask if this business is going to be internet safe. What this means is, can I get the product easier over the internet? Examples of internet safe businesses are, nail salons, barbers, pet grooming, and gas stations. It will be interesting to see what the future holds.

  8. Technology has changed just about everything in our daily lives, right down to the way that we shop. The internet has made it easier and has so many reliable sources that allow us to purchase thing right as we think of them. It allows us to get reviews and product information on just about anything in seconds. It even allows us to compare prices on different sites and companies for the same product and has therefore revolutionized purchasing from a convenience to a more price aware purchase.

  9. Shopping today is not what it used to be. My family and I never go out to purchase an item without comparing prices before. In the age of Amazon, most of our deliveries come from them. Much of the time we will look at and test products in store, then purchase them for less online. Shopping has become a major process in searching for the best deal or if a product is worth your money. The internet has revolutionized the way consumers shop and will further continue to advance as the times do.

  10. Consumers are increasingly turning away from brick and mortar stores and transitioning to shopping on the Internet. It is simply more convenient, more cost-effective, and more informational. I foresee one of two situations: either all physical stores will become irrelevant and transition exclusively to online sales OR brick and mortars will have to undergo a large update, somehow incorporating a digital aspect that customers seem to be gravitating towards.

  11. The internet has completely changed the way I purchase products nowadays. Before I go to purchase a product, I do extensive research on it; reading all the reviews from multiple sources. Especially when it comes to beauty products, like makeup and skin care products, I turn to the reviews and preferences of influencers that have changed that community. Their whole career is based on telling people what they should and shouldn’t buy, and they all have a very large followings. If there is an influencer that has a huge backing and they do not like a certain product, their followers will not go out and get that product. The internet in a way has started to dictate the way people choose things based on what others around them are doing.

  12. Technology has completely changed many aspects of our lives. The shopping world has completely changed as well. Most customers know all of the information about the product they want to purchase, the price range, and all of its positive and negative attributes. It is a lot harder to fool customers into paying higher prices than necessary because we are more informed. Shopping in stores has also decreased because of discounts and the convenience of shopping online.

  13. With the advancement of technology many businesses have been able to expand their sales through online shopping. Online shopping has been great for companies in addition to consumers; however, there are some negative effects from making almost everything accessible online. For consumers online shopping is great in that they are able to shop whenever and wherever, as well as having a variety of options along with reviews and competitors to decide whether or not to purchase an item. Businesses benefit from online shopping in that they are able to increase revenue through online sales. Many people are constantly working and never find the time to go spend several hours in a mall to shop, but with online shopping customers are more willing to buy products because it does not consume as much of their time. In addition to that online shopping allows others around the country/ world to have access to products that are not available where they live. Although there are so many benefits from online shopping there are some drawbacks such as: no human interaction, people becoming lazy, etc.

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