Interested in a career in product management? Or just want to learn more about this field? If you answer yes, read about the 2019 product management survey by Pragmatic Institute.

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Pragmatic Institute’s 2019 Product Management Survey

Each year, Pragmatic Institute publishes its Product Management and Product Marketing Survey. Today, we highlight the 2019  product management survey [To download the report,  you must a complete a short sign-in form.]: 

“LIKE ITS 18 PREDECESSORS, THE 2019 Pragmatic Institute Annual Product Management and Product Marketing Survey is filled with valuable, relevant data about the product management and product marketing professions. Within the following pages, we offer a profile of today’s professionals. As well as insights into their day-to-day pains and gains. Also, this year’s survey examined the effect respondents expect artificial intelligence to have on their role in the next few years. Interestingly, no one said they’re expecting robots to take their jobs.”

“As you read through this year’s survey, note that an icon reflects responses to the question, ‘If you could say one thing to your CEO without fear of retribution, what would it be?’ And
when you see a different icon, those comments reflect the open-ended responses to the question. ‘How do you see AI and machine learning impacting your role in the next few years?’”

Now, review a couple of highlights.

2019 Product Management Survey

2019 Product Management Survey

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