Recently, MIT SMR (Sloan Management Review) and Deloitte conducted their 2019 global executive survey. That is the topic today.

Also, look at these two complementary posts. Plan Ahead: Take This Career Quiz. And Great Career Books.


MIT SMR/Deloitte 2019 Global Executive Survey

As MIT SMR notes:

“Based on a global survey of 4,800+ managers, executives, and analysts and 14 interviews with executives and thought leaders, MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte’s fifth annual study of digital business unveils the distinct characteristics of innovation in digitally maturing firms. Ecosystems and cross-functional teams allow them to be agile. But this increased agility demands a thorough consideration of governance as well.”


“The MIT SMR/Deloitte 2019 global executive survey and research report on digital business finds the following. Digitally maturing companies foster innovation in a variety of ways. By using cross-functional teams. By building digital ecosystems. As well as by adopting ethical policies to support their increased agility and collaboration. But how are these ways of working transforming firms? Likewise, how do they influence our future careers?

Click the image for a free download of the full report. [Note: A login is required.]

2019 Global Executive Survey


Now, here’s a simple quiz for YOU to take.

“Answer a few short questions to see how your career outlook matches up with people in similar job types, industries, and geographies.” Click here. Then get started. It’s interesting and informative.:-) How do you score? Surprised by the results? What does the quiz show that the future holds for you?

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