As most companies know, their brand image represents a powerful asset. Thus, brand recognition and brand loyalty may represent the difference between success failure. And with that in mind, Kantar and WPP annually publish the BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking and report. The 2018 global most valuable brands report is now available.

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BrandZ 2018 Global Most Valuable Brands

According to Kantar Millard Brown:

“The report tracks the value of the world’s most valuable brands and provides insights on the potential of strong brands. As a result, the total brand value of the 2018 BrandZ Top 100 is $4.4 trillion”. And this follows a record 21% growth – equating to a rise of nearly $750 billion.”

“China continues to grow its presence on the world stage with both Tencent and Alibaba ranking in the Top 10. And seven brands make the list of the Top 20 fastest-risers – three at the top of the list.”

“This is the first year where every category has seen growth. The Retail category surged ahead with a 35% increase due to a shift towards E-commerce. Tech-related brands like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay dominate not just Retail but the BrandZ Global Top 100, accounting for over half the ranking’s value.”

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For a larger view of infographic, click on the image. And to see the top 100 brands, scroll down the screen below.

2018 Global Most Valuable Brands

2018 Global Most Valuable Brands

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  1. It is no surprise that Google and other technology based companies dominate the charts. Google has been integrated into our every day lives and used by billions of people across the world. The modern world heavily relies on technology thus bolstering consumer demand for technology. The influence of name brand products are on the rise. More and more people are choosing the more expensive brands despite the price due to their brand recognition. The continued increase of consumers spending on luxury items, technological advances, and popularity of online ordering could lead to even larger leaps in profits for these already popular companies.

  2. This is a great resourceful post! It is not surprising that brands like Google and Louis Vuitton are the at the top, since they are most used and high luxury for majority of people.

  3. It is no surprise that Google is at the top. In our modern age, there’s a plethora of knowledge online waiting to be learned at the click of a button or a swipe of a finger and the most common and efficient way to do it presently is through the search engine Google. What did surprise me was that Marlboro was ranked so high. In the USA, there’s a huge stigma against smoking and this has crept its way across the Pacific to China where every pack in big bold black letters reads “Smoking Kills,” on it. However, smoking is still unbelievably common and popular throughout Asia and Europe where one would see people smoking on every street corner. Tencent is still considered a new company is its value has been skyrocketing. Everyone in China, even simple farmers selling produce on the side of a country road scan QR codes to give or receive payment using WeChat Pay or Allibaba’s slightly less common AlliPay. Everyone from cab drivers to cashiers use this app to receive payment for goods and the trend only increases in popularity by the day.

  4. I am surprised to se that Amazon hasn’t overtaken Apple and Google yet. At the rate that Amazon is expanding it would not be surprising to me if Amazon surpasses Apple by next year. Another ranking that surprised me was that Samsung is so far bellow Apple, they both have surprisingly similar products (especially since Apple keeps ripping off ideas from Samsung like Face ID and a screen that goes all they way to the edge of the phone) but Apple sells its brand better and the results are undisputable.

  5. It’s not shocking that some of the most well-known brands, such as Google, Apple, and Amazon in the world are in the top 100 for the Most Global Valuable Brands. These are extremely popular brands that people globally can normally pick up on based on symbols or color of their logo. These brands have proven to be trustable and reliable brands, they have become so relevant to our everyday lives. Even some luxury brands are a part of daily lifestyles.

  6. Not Surprised at all that the most well know brands are in the top 100 Most Global Valuable Brands. Apple, Amazon and Google are household names that everyone knows. When I looked through the list the only surprise to me was that Marlboro was ranked so high, however if I think globally there are many heavy smokers in Europe . I was amazed at the smoking in Italy when i visited years back. It will be interesting to see who is on this list ten years from now .

  7. Everybody is getting more and more accustomed to convenience. The top 4 brands are all ones I have at the tips of my fingertips, so as with most, I was not surprised to see them leading the list. As a student, all 4 of these are very pertinent; I use Google for assignments that I do on my Apple Macbook, which I then may put into some form of Microsoft office. Furthermore if I need anything, I can merely order it from Amazon rather than trying to find the time in my day to search for it elsewhere. These brands can sense what their audience wants, and that is something that is quick and convenient, which causes them to continue to be successful and top the charts.

  8. It comes as no surprise to see massive companies such as Google, Apple, and Amazon to top this chart. I am an active customer/user of these big 3 companies and it doesn’t shock me either due to the fact that a majority of people I come across use their products everyday, and I don’t know a single person that doesn’t own/use a product or service owned by one of these three companies. From websites to the big screens in Times Square, these companies are advertised everywhere and make a name for themselves. By letting the entire globe know who they are by branding their logo all over buildings and billboards these companies have reached the top of this chart.

  9. It is of no surprise that brands such as Google, Apple and Amazon were the first three brands of the top 100 because it most recognizable by billions of people around the world. However, something I found interesting was that Facebook was listed as number six because I assumed it would be within the first five companies. This list was very informative and gave me an insight as to how the world is progressing in terms of technology.

  10. Im surprised that amazon has not taken the number 1 spot on this list yet. Amazon dominates the world. I believe in the next few years Amazon will definitely be at the top of the list. Still, its not surprising to me that the top 5 companies on the list are technology based companies. This list provides great information to see what companies are doing extremely well.

  11. This post is very useful to know what companies are the most valued. I am not surprised Google, Amazon, and Apple are in the lead for this. I use majority almost every single day! I wonder what will be the list in 10 years and what new companies will exist!

  12. I am not surprised to see that Google, Amazon, Apple, and some Chinese companies like Alibaba and Tencent are on the list of Top 10 most valuable Global Brands since nowadays people crave connection, convenience and a tech-linked world. From the infographic, it is easy to reflect people’s lives nowadays, to drink Starbucks coffee, to use iPhones, search for information on Google and shop online through Amazon. These companies wouldn’t stop flourishing but would always have a way to be better everyday.

  13. It is no surprise that the top 3 companies are Google, Apple and Amazon for the top 10 most valuable Global Brands. I personally use products/services from these 3 companies almost everyday! These companies can be considered a model for other companies that are trying to be sucessful.

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