Last week, we posted about 10 great career books. Today, we tackle a specific job-related issue: buzzwords to avoid. You may also want to check out Bad Work Habits to Avoid.

We get advice on this topic from Thrive Global, a social media platform founded by Ariana Huffington. She was the inspiration behind the Huffington Post.


Be Smart: Work Buzzwords to Avoid

“Between corporate jargon, business buzzwords, and all the acronyms we toss around, it can seem like we speak an entirely different language at work than in the rest of our lives. We use a lot of these terms in the interest of efficiency, but a lot can get lost in translation. So we asked members of the Thrive Global community to share the common workplace buzzwords and phrases that they’ve eliminated from their vocabulary — and what we can say instead.”

They came up with the following:

  • “It is what it is”
  • “ASAP”
  • “Wheelhouse, hacking, and influencer” 
  • “No problem”
  • “Constructive criticism”
  • “Transparency”
  • “What do you think”

Click the image below to read how to better handle these buzzwords

Work Buzzwords to Avoid


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