To succeed, changing customer experience expectations must be monitored. And fulfilled. As discussed before, a great customer experience facilitates repeat business. For example, look at these posts. Consistency Makes Good Customer Experiences Better. Closing the Customer Experience Gap. Better Customer Experience: Factor Consideration. Why the Customer Experience May Fail.

In the current global environment, consumers expect a lot. Thus, they want speedy shipping, fair prices, a nice shopping experience, and more. Whether in a store. Or online. Advice? Be prepared. And responsive.


Changing Customer Experience Expectations

To offer the best customer experience, we must understand what shoppers desire. And WE cannot meet these expectations without understanding them.

According to Erik Wander, writing for Adweek:

“Nearly 20 percent of U.S. households contain 10 or more connected devices. And they work new communication tools into their lives. Thus, they want multichannel options when they need service. Also, they expect it to be faster and easier to use. Yet, not all firms, meet expectations.”

“As a result, new research shows that 70 percent of U.S. consumers find customer service via multiple channels to be important. And 36 percent will switch channels if an issue isn’t resolved in an hour. But, many report trouble reaching helpful agents. In addition, they wait longer than expected. Finally, they find trouble navigating automated systems.”

“Yet, chatbots are not enough, notes Mark Sherwin, managing director at Accenture Interactive. Why? Because brands must better understand the conversations consumers seek. Then make them possible. Thus, that means stitching together AI and human empathy. Designing conversations. Curating experiences. And constantly evolving. ‘If done right, service becomes a differentiator and growth engine. Whether by retaining customers longer. Or by building advocacy to bring new customer conversations,’ he said.”

To learn more, look at this infographic. And for a larger view, click it.

Changing Customer Experience Expectations

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