Interesting question, right? Do you know what 5G is? Do you even know what service it encompasses? Despite all of the hype, many people really have no idea.

We have written about smartphones before. But we have not covered 4G versus 5G.


It’s Coming: Do YOU Know What 5G Is?

To some extent, it is remarkable how little most people know about the emerging 5G cellphone service. Both AT&T and Verizon avidly promote the coming arrival of this service.

For this post, we turn to insights from Rayna Hollander and Business Insider: 

“U.S. mobile carriers are racing to invest in the next big thing in wireless — 5G. But the lack of user understanding of the standard will prevent carriers from reaping the benefits of their new network technology. Over four-fifths (81%) of consumers don’t have an understanding of 5G or what it means for the future. That is according to a survey by”

“Carriers aren’t doing enough to educate their subscribers about the new network technology. Thus, once 5G does become generally available, customers will have no incentive to upgrade their service plans. This lack of understanding is a major problem for US wireless carriers because it will hinder their ability to tap the $300 billion annual revenue opportunity for 5G connections by 2025.”

“This problem is even more substantial when counting the misinformed customers who believe they already have access to 5G. When asked whether they already had access to 5G, 17% of respondents said yes, with 9% believing their phones support 5G and 8% believing they have it in their homes.”

“And a quarter of the 19% of consumers who said they have an understanding of 5G and what it means for the future said they already have access to it. Because these consumers believe they already have 5G, we don’t expect them to upgrade their service plans when the network technology becomes available.”

Click the image to learn more. And to see several suggestions for carriers.

Do YOU Know What 5G Is?


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