Are YOU focused enough in all you do? And this question remains very important in advancing your career.

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Defining the Term “Focused”

For the most part, we know the importance of “focus.” But what exactly do we mean by “focused”?

To answer, we turn to these sources:

Macmillan Dictionary — “Concentrating on a particular goal and not wasting time or energy on other things.”

Oxford Dictionaries — “Directing a great deal of attention, interest, or activity towards a particular aim.

Cambridge Dictionary — “Paying attention and being careful.”

Free Dictionary Close or narrow attention; concentration.


Are YOU Focused Enough?

Now we address the question: Are YOU focused enough? Or do you sometimes drift off target? In particular, we may need help in the latter situation. How much does YOUR mind wonder?

According to British-based Onward:

“It’s probably no surprise the human mind tends to wander. Not long ago, research discovered this trait as almost universal. In fact, most of us experience mind wandering regularly. The neural [sensory] basis for mind wandering remained mostly a mystery until recently. Now, research attempts to uncover what triggers it.”

“As a result, constant mind wandering frustrates many people. In their study, ‘A Wandering Mind Is an Unhappy Mind,’ researchers found that a regular lack of concentration negatively impacted overall mood and state of mind. In short, people were less happy when their minds wandered. Luckily, plenty of research exists to combat this phenomenon. We may never fully eliminate our mind’s propensity for wandering. However, lots of simple techniques can help improve concentration and focus.”

To conclude, read nine ways to focus a wandering mind. Take a look at the infographic.

Are YOU Focused Enough? Nine Tips

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