For most of us, we realize that positivity beats negativity in our lives. That seems obvious. But it may be tough to have our positive feelings drown out our negative ones. In particular, our results may depend on our personality, social interactions, and the situation.


This image from Success says it all. 🙂

Positivity Beats Negativity


Positivity Beats Negativity: Easier Said Than Done

These are some perspectives on positivity. And its challenges:


Self Development Secrets — “At some point, virtually everyone faces a situation that leads to feelings of pessimistic thoughts. If you are like most people, you may have experienced something bad in life. A breakup. Chronic illness. Or loss of a job. We’ve all been through it. Thus, it is essential to understand it is normal to feel a bit small. However, even if things go wrong, there are many ways to counteract negative feelings. And you can work your way back to keeping a positive attitude. Whether it’s quitting your job and chasing after your dreams, or doing what you love, it’s always good to stay positive. These nine tips will help.”

Positivity Beats Negativity


HealthCentral —  “You probably know the benefits of positive thinking. Unfortunately, becoming an optimist doesn’t happen over night. Thankfully, there are ways to start seeing the glass half full. And these are some unhelpful thinking styles that may hold you back. As well as a step-by-step meditation exercise to get you on a path to relaxation.” — “We probably all know someone who always seems to be ‘on a positive vibe’. These people seem to be stress free and not phased by any situation. And they usually have a way of making others around them feel better. If you’re wondering how you might adopt a similar positive outlook on life, check out our  infographic below.”

Positivity Beats Negativity


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