For virtually any company, growth remains a prime objective. Thus, today we study how to use growth marketing strategies.

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Lessons About How to Use Growth Marketing

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Venture capitalists and entrepreneurs alike pressure their teams to grow faster at all costs. Yet, this cavalier attitude towards growth leads to unsavory methods of attaining said growth. Many businesses focus on vanity metrics that serve the egos of leadership. Without making the growth marketer any more successful in their role.

What is Growth Marketing? Is it Similar to Growth Hacking?

Growth marketing represents an iterative approach to improving customer discovery and acquisition strategies. Although growth hacking is technically the same thing, theoretically they are very different. In fact, this dichotomy is rooted in perception. While growth marketers typically seek to scale the strategies that work. On the other hand, growth hackers often try to gamify growth.  Yet, it may effectively increase vanity metrics, such as Web site visitors, without meaningfully impacting the business goals. If we look at growth hacking and growth marketing in the sense of software development, growth hacking should be viewed as the prototyping stage. Much as we commonly use the term “hacking”, programmers can quickly prototype their concept even if not a sustainable solution.

Proverbial Growth Marketing Lessons

“Two wrongs don’t make a right.” “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Yes, we’ve heard proverbs like this our entire lives. But have we ever acted on them? Proverbs like these are packed with powerful lessons if you read between the lines, or simply just read the lines.

Use the tips from CleverTap infographic below to gain valuable insights from famous proverbs for your growth marketing strategy.

 How to Use Growth Marketing

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